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Founding father

The editorial in the July 3 edition of The Daily News, “The Declaration, the Constitution, and the Bible,” was informative and appropriate. There is no question that scripture, notably that of the King James Version, influenced the development of the United States. And that was not just on government.

While I was attending Lewis and Clark College in 1967, one of my English professors lamented that one of the failings of modern literary and historical scholars was their being “Bible poor.” Not having studied the Old and New Testaments, they failed to see their importance and influence.

The same can be said about old hymns. In the mid -’50s film “Night of the Hunter,” a wife-killing preacher (played by Robert Mitchum) threateningly sings “Leaning on the Everlasting Arms” while circling a house before his attempt to kidnap and kill his stepchildren inside. A film critic wrote that the woman protecting them (Lillian Gish) knows the “right words” and sings it over Mitchum’s voice despite her fear. However, Mitchum does sing the song correctly. What happens is that Gish joins him while singing the hymn’s chorus which begins “Lean on Jesus, lean on Jesus … .”

My thanks to The Daily News for bringing to light the Bible’s often ignored role in our country’s history.

John M. McClelland



Fourth of July thought:

Psalm 33:12. “Blessed is the nation whose God is the Lord, the people he chose for his inheritance.”

Burt Harwood


‘23 Club

The Longview ‘23 Club’s 84th annual dinner meeting is Oct. 2. The program theme for this year’s meeting is “Growing Up in the ‘50s in Longview” and will feature a book of photos and submissions. Please submit photos of your early days in Longview.

Membership in the ’23 Club was once exclusive to 1923 and earlier pioneers. Membership is now open to all who share a love for the city, its beauty, and history. For more information, visit our website at longview23club.org, email ahubble61@gmail.com, contact Carolyn Caines at 360-423-9652, or watch for our annual ad in The Daily News.

Barry J. Dahl

Longview ‘23 Club second vice president


I’m sick of winning. Can I have Hillary now?

Ric King


Support library

Primary election ballots have been mailed to the citizens of Castle Rock.

They are to be returned and postmarked by Aug. 1, which is the primary election day. The citizens of Castle Rock will have the opportunity to vote in support of the town’s library and its programs.

The Castle Rock City Council has endorsed the library’s 2018 annual operating levy in the amount of 50 cents per thousand dollars of assessed valuation. This is the same amount levied in the last election and will sustain the current level of library services for all of the library’s patrons from preschoolers through senior citizens.

Our library serves as a source of information and enjoyment for all. This levy will support the library’s continued operation. Without the levy, the library will cease to operate.

We encourage your continuing support of our local library by voting YES in the upcoming election.

Tom and Marsha Quigley

Castle Rock

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