Letters to the Editor

Fireworks follow up

My thanks to everyone who has reached out to me about fireworks and expressed their views. It’s clear that fireworks are an issue that needs consideration at both the city and county level. I urge everyone to express their opinion to their city council members and county commissioners. We deserve to have their position on record. We need to know the position of all running candidates for city councils as well. We need this issue to be voted on in June so as to be in effect next year.

I urge you to let city council incumbents and those seeking office know how you feel, whether you’re pro change or not. It’s important.

To contact me, call me at 360-577-4909 or email jhill@kelso.gov.

Again, thank you.

Jim Hill

Kelso City Councilor


During the month of May, our local Methodist church members participated in choosing a time to fully concentrate on reaching out to God with prayers for our country, for world problems, governmental and community leaders. We each chose to commit a full hour during the National Day of Prayer while either at home, at church, perhaps even in a natural outdoor setting asking God’s deliverance from the destructive ugliness that destroys trust, hope and physical well-being.

We asked for his blessing upon all who are in the service of our country and those persons who served valiantly and humbly in the past, often without any earthly reward.

Christians cannot separate the morality of their daily lives from what they expect of governmental leaders. Our forefathers defined our unalienable rights as life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They declared that we are empowered by our creator with the right to life. Christ did not accumulate “things” for himself. He was not a “flash-in-the-pan” celebrity. I like celebrities but cannot worship them as they are often propagandized by people making money off them for a living.

Gwen Boss

Castle Rock

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Political arithmetic

The “President’s Men” are about to propose a budget for the federal government. The president proposes and Congress disposes, so the final budget will be much different. Regardless, there are some basic values determining the actual budget’s relationship to the real world.

Revenues and expenditures depend upon the growth of the gross domestic product (GDP) and the relationship of the revenues (taxes as a percentage of GDP) and outlays (expenditures as a percentage of GDP).

As of this writing, federal taxes are about 17.6 percent of GDP and expenditures are approximately 20.8 percent of GDP. This gap (3.2 percent) generates the deficit of approximately $600 billion.

The current GDP is around $19 trillion. If the economy continues to grow at its current projected rate (1.9 percent) this gap will remain at 3.2 percent of GDP and deficits will continue. To eliminate deficits, the gap must be erased. Seems straightforward, but in politics straightforward is a path to unemployment. Raising taxes or cutting expenditures involves constituent (voter) pain. Therefore politicians pray to the god of growth to save them from hard decisions. Currently the prayers are for growth of 3 percent or more. Politicians are hoping their policies will increase the economy’s speed limit by more than 60 percent.. Hey, it’s not impossible!

Edward Phillips


Calling all cars

I see our lawmakers are again legislating against cellphone usage with stronger penalties against the violators. We already have laws that are not working. Just look around you when you are driving.

If auto accidents and deaths are increasing because of cellphones violations, get serious about it and correct it. If we can inactivate an automobile with the use of a breathalyzer, the auto or phone manufacturer can surely provide a “chip” to immobilize a cell phone from being used in a motor vehicle. Require that cell phone or auto manufacturers don’t allow phones to function in moving automobiles or deactivate the cellphone when the automobile is in operation.

Richard J. Peters


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