Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

A fine gentleman

Phil Jurmu, candidate for Longview School District director position No. 2, is who our community needs to benefit children in our schools.

Phil is a family man with collaborative leadership, has a heart of gold, is a people person and has much compassion to all mankind.

He is our local community fire chief, as a citizen he attends school board meetings, will listen to what you have to say and loves to be involved with the public and our precious children.

If you don’t know this fine gentleman, trust me as I say he is the best man volunteering for the important position to be a school board member.

You won’t go wrong in voting Phil Jurmu as our next Longview School District position No. 2, because we wants to have a say in our public schools and children of today, tomorrow and the future.

Rita Impola Walker



The new distracted driving law is ridiculous. It is just politicians showing off for votes.

Laws already are on the books that cover all of this — negligent and reckless driving. If you are doing anything, such as arguing with your kids, fiddling with the radio, eating, putting on make up, doing anything on your phone, whatever it might be, and it causes you to drive recklessly or negligently, you get a ticket.

This is not hard. Only passing laws to say “Hey, I did something besides screw up the budget and try to put in an income tax! I’m saving lives! Vote for me again!!”

They have more important things to be doing than creating meaningless laws, but this got them a lot of press. Way to go.

Kami Budge


Vote well

Mary Alice Wallis: I encourage a vote for Mary Alice as our next city councilwoman, District 5.

I have worked with Mary Alice on various matters in the past. She is knowledgeable on community issues, well spoken and is dedicated to the communities welfare and concern A vote for Mary Alice is a vote for the well being of our city.

Jerry R. Bakken



I know the final decision goes to the citizens of Kelso, but a moment of my time must be taken to share how worthy Lisa Alexander is of the city council position. Unfortunately, I don’t get a vote because I live in the Ostrander area. I put my trust in the rest of you to do the right thing on my behalf. The city’s choices do still affect us out here after all.

Lisa Alexander has spent most of her life in Kelso, helping to make it a better place. How do I know? I was once a troubled teen and she spent an awful lot of time with me when I was attending LCC. During that two-year course she spent a lot of time trying to get me to make better choices. She and her awesome husband, Larry Alexander, took me from a depressed and broken person to a volunteering socially active and positive human being. Her infectious laughter and genuine heart made me strive to be a better me. It made me want to get help for my mental health issues. It helped steer me in the right directions.

What has she done for Kelso? The list is innumerable. Lisa constantly brought homemade food to the homeless at L.O. or the community at large. She has donated coats and blankets. Lisa has helped clean up our parks, especially of drug paraphernalia. She is active in local politics and defends the rights of her fellow Kelso citizens. And she isn’t all “talk.” She practices what she preaches.

Do what I can’t. Vote for Lisa Alexander for Kelso City Council Position 2.

Christen Ellis


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