Aug. 24 Letters to the Editor

Passing around the blame

A couple of days ago there was a letter that said “Don’t blame the president.” Well, that may be right. How about blaming the people that voted this idiot in office?

We used to be a proud nation and now we are a joke in the eyes of other nations. Some of the people who write letters to the editor just care about their preferred political party and not about what is good for America. These people need to wake up and look around. This administration is backwards and cares about only fundraising, golfing and lying. America is going down a path that is going to be hard to recover from -- if we ever can.

Jeff Mitchell


Nelson’s her choice

I am asking you to join me in supporting Mark Nelson for re-election as Cowlitz County’s sheriff.

Sheriff Nelson has dealt with severe budget cuts for last five years. Our elected officials are now cutting both fat and essential services. For five years, Sheriff Nelson has had to cut a dozen deputy positions and clerical staff. During this time, Mark Nelson has made efficiency improvements with in-car computers, video systems, workflow and on-line reporting.

When Rainier Oregon Police Chief Ralph Painter was killed in the line of duty, Sheriff Nelson put together and facilitated several meetings between the five Lower Columbia sheriff’s offices in both Washington and Oregon. This was to help in a multi-agency, two-state agreement for the law enforcement agencies to support each other in emergencies, even across state lines.

Sheriff Nelson has spent his career in law enforcement, from starting in 1977 as a Cowlitz County reserve deputy to becoming the county sheriff.

Susan Lee Schwartz


Elk hoof rot

Four bull elk walked through my place yesterday, three were limping. There were cows, also limping, and five young ones, not yet infected with hoof disease.

If I were capable, I would have tranquilized the poor things, trimmed their hooves, and cleaned them out (as my dad had to do our goats years ago), put some kind of sulfa paint on them that hopefully will last a while, give them a big shot of penicillin, painted the hides so I could check on them in six months, and then let them go.

I understand they now say it’s best to leave those deceased hooves in the woods, so that other elk, cattle, deer and coyotes can step through it. That’s like recommending used bandages be left in the hall at the hospital so people can walk through them.

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The hooves need to be put in plastic to contain any infection. They need to be brought in and burned -- not trashed, but burned. Fire is the most sanitizing element I know.

Was there any problem with this before our mountain blew? I wonder if there just is no longer enough rock for the elk to walk on, which would naturally trim those hooves.

People are concerned with endangered gorillas and elephants. How about some people being concerned with the animals we have right here?

Phyllis Makinster


Ambre permit denied

Hallelujah from Clatskanie.

Area residents who are opposed to coal export from Port Westward commend Oregon Gov. John Kitzhaber and the Oregon Department of State Lands for denying Ambre’s permit request.

Ambre “... called the decision ‘politically’ motivated.” Of course the decision was “politically” motivated. The body politic elects people who represent its best interests. It is in our best interest to have clean air and water. It is in our best interest to salvage what remains of our beautiful Columbia River.

But our work is not over. Ambre will likely re-double its efforts to extract and transport, barge, pile and export its annual nine million tons of coal from other locations in the Pacific Northwest. Longview perhaps? Keep alert.

Fritz Youra


The best of care

Recently, my husband had an emergency visit to the emergency room at St. John Medical Center. He was then admitted to Intensive Care. He was there for five days and the care he received was top-notch by the nurses, doctors, technicians, lab techs and housekeepers. All of them were kind and knew their job and did it very well.

We cannot say enough in praise for these wonderful, dedicated people, except thank you from the bottom of our hearts -- and keep up the good work.

Joanne Troske


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