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Ten-digit dialing: Starting tomorrow (Saturday, July 29), you will need to dial the area code when calling someone locally. This is a change to 10-digit dialing from our customary seven-digit system. With more people and more households throughout the state, we will also be getting a new area code.

While we’ve had a 360 area code for many years, new phone hook ups will get a 564 area code. The weird thing about this new 564 area code is that it won’t be attached to a designated geographic area.

Currently, most people know the 206 area code is a King County phone number and 360 covers most of Western Washington outside the Puget Sound area.

Under the new system anyone who gets a new phone line, regardless of where they live, will get the 564 area code. This means you might have a 360 area code number, but your brand new next door neighbor has a 564 area code.

We’re not sure if this will create other problems, like if a business adds another phone line will it be a different area code than existing phone numbers?

With the prevalence of cellphones, we wonder how long it will be before most homes don’t have a landline at all.

Whatever the future of land line phone numbers, we all will be dialing 10 numbers to get someone on the phone from now on.

Trailblazer rumors: With the Golden State Warriors being so much better than every other team in the NBA, teams like the Trailblazers seem to be entertaining just about any idea to get better.

Late last week, rumors began swirling about current New York Knicks forward Carmelo Anthony coming to the Blazers. The story talked about how both Damian Lillard and C.J. McCollum reached out to Anthony to recruit him.

Carmelo Anthony is a great basketball player, but he won’t turn the Trailblazers into a title contender. The teams Anthony has been on during his career have not performed well. When playing for the Denver Nuggets, Anthony helped lead his team to the 2009 Western Conference finals, but lost.

“Melo,” as Anthony is known, has a reputation for playing zero defense and taking more than his share of shot attempts. As a 15-year NBA veteran, Anthony is certainly close to the end of his career, which is just another reason not to pay huge money his services.

Portland does need to add a significant amount of talent to its roster if it ever expects to be a real challenger to the Warriors, but Carmelo Anthony is not the answer.

Bike sharing: The concept of bike sharing sounds pretty good as one way to help reduce congestion in city areas. The idea is to park bikes for use in the city for a fee, then encourage folks to use the bikes instead of driving.

The city of Seattle tried bike share with a company called Pronto; the experiment failed miserably. The city bought out the bike sharing vendor and ran the program themselves. The program failed miserably again and was shut down.

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Now, a new privately-owned bike sharing company is going to try and make a go of it in Seattle. Again, we like the idea of bike riding but don’t think the bike sharing system is going to work in Seattle.


Well the rain typically makes biking tough. Most people don’t want to get soaking wet at any point during the day. The terrain in Seattle is not bike friendly, and you see the same phenomena as you do in many cities – hills and more hills. If most of the bikes don’t end up at the bottom of hills in Seattle we’d be shocked.

Finally, many of the city streets are just not set up to accommodate both bicycles and autos. Would you want to be riding a bike on a wet, dark night, trying to traverse huge hills on city streets with barely enough room to accommodate the traffic?

Doesn’t make sense to us.

Eight Wimbledon titles: Roger Federer, who is arguably the best men’s tennis player who ever played, won his record-setting eighth Wimbledon title last week.

Federer has now won 19 Grand Slam tennis titles, which is flat out amazing. At the age of 35, winning yet another Grand Slam tennis title is fitting for one of the best ever. Tennis is game of very, very young people with winners often still in their late teens or early twenties.

The record Roger Federer has amassed is nothing short of amazing and certainly it’s worth mentioning.

Oregon Tolls: U.S. House Representative Jaime Herrera Beutler recently sent a letter to Oregon Governor Kate Brown about possible car tolling on Interstate 5 and Interstate 205. According to the state of Oregon, the tolls are needed to pay for road construction and maintenance.

The problem with the planned tolls is that Washington drivers are going to be forced to pay a significant portion of the money. Many Southwest Washington residents work and shop in Oregon and use both I-5 and I-205 to do so.

The Oregon tolling plan seems to target Washington drivers by potentially placing tolling at the state border. Herrera Beutler said in her letter to Gov. Brown that “Oregon has no right to make Southwest Washington an unwilling piggy bank for Oregon’s infrastructure projects.”

We couldn’t agree more.

As we’ve written many times, taxes and fees discourage behavior. The Oregon tolls will discourage Washington residents from driving on I-5 and I-205, meaning Oregon businesses will get fewer Washington shoppers.

New taxes and fees have consequences, but if Oregon can pay for their roads with Washington state residents’ money maybe they don’t care. More to come on this.

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