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National media gone wrong….again: The TDN editorial board has been critical of the national media, mostly because it sheds a negative light on the entire news industry. We wish they’d get their act together and return to being true professionals.

In yet another example of the national media gone wrong, CNN has literally blackmailed a private citizen into complying with their wishes.

A private citizen built a meme showing President Trump wrestling CNN with an image of World Wrestling Entertainment executive Vince McMahon in the background. The meme was in reference to fake news broadcast by CNN, which lead to three veteran journalists resigning. CNN didn’t like the meme, so they tracked the citizen down.

A CNN executive Andrew Kaczynksi said the citizen apologized for making the meme and indicated the network would keep the citizen’s identity a secret, “because he is a private citizen who has issued an extensive statement of apology, showing his remorse.”

However Kaczynski then warned, “CNN reserves the right to publish his identity should any of that change.”

How can a statement like that be considered anything but a threat? Why would CNN even say something about revealing the citizen’s identity knowing someone would probably harm the individual?

And we thought the media was in the free speech business ... huh?

“Rose City Antifa”: A recent article on Politico.com was a little surprising, but not really. Politico reporter Casey Michel wrote a compelling story about how Portland’s extreme left and right groups are very likely to come to violence.

The story titled, “How liberal Portland became America’s most politically violent city,” reminds of us of the history of political conflict going back to the 1979 tragedy in Greensboro, North Carolina.

Back in 1979, groups of Ku Klux Klan and white supremacists got into a gun battle with a Communist Workers’ Party group leaving five people dead and numerous others injured.

Fast-forward to 2017 and a Portland group calling themselves “Rose City Antifa,” which is short for Anti-Fascist, appear to be headed towards violence.

Earlier this year the Antifas threatened the Rose City parade with a protest if a Republican party float was allowed in the procession. The parade was cancelled. The Antifas have been blamed for some rioting that has caused millions of dollars in damage in downtown Portland.

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According to Michel’s story, white nationalist and anti-government groups have risen as an opposing force to the Antifa movement. These groups are holding “free speech rallies.” This puts the groups on a collision course.

According to the Antifa website, it is OK to stop other’s free speech: “Giving them the opportunity to organize to impose their agenda on the rest of us – makes you as bad as them.”

It’s sad to see a great city like Portland devolve with groups fighting in the streets. We’ll keep you posted on this potentially explosive situation.

Black Bears: We were reminded of how great it is to live in a smaller community over the holiday weekend. With so many fun events going on we decided to go to a Cowlitz Black Bears game.

It had been a while since any of us attended a Black Bears game and we were quickly reminded how great a hot dog at the ballpark is.

The Black Bears played a great game and beat the Wenatchee Apple Sox 5-3. The game featured plenty of action, great pitching and a home run. We even retrieved a foul ball.

It took just a short time to drive to Story Field, we were able to park very close to the ticket entrance and were home about 10 minutes after the game ended. The beer was cold, the hot dog delicious.

Great stuff.

Idaho gun laws: About one year ago, Idaho changed its concealed carry laws to allow for “permit-less” carrying. This means most citizens can carry a concealed weapon in bars, buildings and in cities.

Law enforcement and anti-gun groups warned Idaho officials that allowing almost anyone to carry a concealed weapon would lead to more crime and death. Not so much.

After the first year of the new law, crime remains at the same levels as years past. A police detective from Coeur d’ Alene was quoted in an Associated Press story saying the new gun law seems to have had no effect on crime rates.

So far, 12 now allow permit-less concealed carry, up from eight states.

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