Marriage Applications: Oct. 13

Marriage Applications: Oct. 13

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Miguel A. Miguel Gonzalez and Eulalia Montejo Domingo, both of Longview, Oct. 7.

James Lawrence Hall II and Joanna Rose Burn, both of Longview, Oct. 7.

Youn Kyan Chung of Castle Rock and Chae Ok Kim of Brooklyn, New York, Oct. 4.

Jeremiah Daniel Adams and Emily Marie Douglas, both of Kelso, Oct. 3.

Juan Carlos Lopez Vicente and Melina Itzel Tellez-Ayala, both of Longview, Oct. 2.

Dylan Matthew Wood and Rayanne Michelle Marander, both of Longview, Oct. 2.

David Michael Fitch and Cryssa Marie Barnes, both of Longview, Oct. 1.

Sierra Kay Humphrey and Dominik Charles Louis Sablan, both of Longview, Oct. 1.

Michael Paul Jack and Kimberly Ann Supinsky, both of Kelso, Oct. 1.

Nikki Lyn Atwood and Teri Sue Rhodes, both of Longview, Sept. 30.

Christina Anabel Diaz and Jose Manuel Torres Gonzalez, both of Woodland, Sept. 30.

Deborah Lund Kellogg and Clark William Kellogg, both of Kelso, Sept. 30.

Marcus James Hughes and Jodi Lin Richards, both of Kelso, Sept. 30.

Paul Henry Rogers and Carrie Ann King, both of Longview, Sept. 27.

Mark Alan Maker and Sarah Nicole Ashley, both of Castle Rock, Sept. 27.

Beverly Ann Peace of Longview and Roy Everette Wheatley of Culver, Oregon, Sept. 27.

Zachary Ryan Hector and Sesiley Anne Corder, both of Kelso, Sept. 27.

Ryan Steve Olsen and Christina Debra Hilts, both of Kelso, Sept. 25.

Savannah Mary Lowe of Toutle and Zackery Dean Milo of Castle Rock, Sept. 25.

Mickey Lee Boaglio and Nicole Sara Van Cleef, both of Longview, Sept. 24.

Lori Anne Barrett and Timothy Lee Buckendahl, both of Ola, Idaho, Sept. 24.

Travis James Richard and Danielle Carla Richard, both of Deer Island, Sept. 23.

Britten Dean Bartlett and Jordan Marie Sathre, both of Longview, Sept. 23.

Jana Marie Sexton and Charles Lee Sliger Jr., both of Castle Rock, Sept. 23.

Ashleigh Eileen Wilbert and Michael Chapman O’Brien, both of Portland, Sept. 23.

Lynette M. Bell and Lucas J. Homme, both of Petersburg, Alaska, Sept. 23.

Michaele Lynn Smith and Edwin Lee Kubacki, both of Kelso, Sept. 23.

Rory Daniel Byman and Brittany Miriam Latho, both of Longview, Sept. 20.

Michael Anthony Ferraro and Heather Lynn McGoldrick, both of Forest Grove, Oregon, Sept. 20.

Hailey Evonne Daniels and Jesus Adolfo Alcaraz, both of Woodland, Sept. 20.

Ben Ryan Hunter of Longview and Angelica Darleen Alvarado Helms of Kelso, Sept. 18.

Alyssa Nicole Taylor and Dain O’Keefe Boswell, both of Longview, Sept. 18.

Gayle Elaine Bryant and George Clinton Crombie, both of Battle Ground, Sept. 18.

Andrea Marie Karametos and Tyler Kenneth M. Gaultier, both of Longview, Sept. 17.

Nathen Christopher Scott of Kelso and Bethany Linn Davenport of Longview, Sept. 16.

Breanne Lou Balk and Jesse Lee House, both of Bellevue, Washington, Sept. 16.

Michael Travis Gilbert and Stefaney Marie Collings, both of Kelso, Sept. 16.

Adriana Marie Cusick and Galen Lewis Crayne, both of Longview, Sept. 16,

Melissa Elaine Brink and Dustin Matthew Frostad, both of Longview, Sept. 16.

Kahri Elizabeth McGlone and Donald Lewis, both of Longview, Sept. 16.

Jamie Lee Wall and Jake Mackenzie LaFave, both of Longview, Sept. 13.

Laura Marie Rasmussen and Johnny Michael Kienbaum, both of Kelso, Sept. 13.

Kim Ray Maxey and Christi Michelle Colvin, both of Longview, Sept. 13.

Shelly Jean Mendoza and Jeremy Lewis Nicklin, both of Longview, Sept. 12.

Alec Charles Langlois and Jaguar Francesca Sujka, both of Longview, Sept. 11.

Miranda Marie Rutledge and Ryan Lee Helms, both of Longview, Sept. 11.

Ronald Lee Moore and Tina Lee Hart, both of Longview, Sept. 11.

Adam Nathanial Hall and Cassandra Leigh Deal, both of Longview, Sept. 11.

Darcy Blood and Zachery McAfee. both of Chicago, Sept. 11.

Nichole Lopez of Longview and Joseph Williamson of Castle Rock, Sept. 10.

Andrew John Ricker and Elizabeth Marie Fitch, both of Longview, Sept. 10.

Karen Lynn Severson and Kyle Kody Dykstra, both of Kelso, Sept. 10.

Rocky William Hubbard and Cassie Joe Hensley, both of Castle Rock, Sept. 9.

Zackary D. Johnson and Anne Evelyn Galloway, both of Longview, Sept. 9.

Skylar Glen Ribelin of Castle Rock and Irina Sergeyevna Shkuratov of Vancouver, Sept. 9.

Faron Gayle Doyle and Jelenia Michelle Byers, both of Longview, Sept. 6.

Collin Robert Smith and Alexis Marie Harvill, both of Longview, Sept. 6.

Thomas Everett Williams and Kimberly Layne Nelson, both of Kelso, Sept. 6.

Kiah Bethany Lien and Loy Dean Yeo, both of Woodland, Sept. 6.

Christopher Barton Gamble and Jean Brandenburg, both of Kalama, Sept. 6.

Michelle M. Pitner and Brian Rapier, both of Silver Lake, Sept. 5.

Shiann Brewster and Derek Jim Hendrickson, both of Lakewood, Washington, Sept. 5.

Rodney Duane Johnson and Bobbie Jo Holmes, both of Kalama, Sept. 5.

Taylor Jean Solinger and Craig Robert Marshall, both of Kelso, Sept. 5.

Charlene Larea Hensley and Wesley Scott Mitchell, both of Longview, Sept. 4.

Jacob Stanley Dow and Leah Marlene Lahcen, both of Castle Rock, Sept. 4.

Jillian Victoria Gillium and Michael David Gallegly, both of Kelso, Sept. 4.

Joshua Donald Evald and Rebecca Denise Evald, both of Kelso, Sept. 3.

Samantha Jo Kline and Quinn Randell Cutler, both of Kelso, Sept. 3.

E. Diane De Graafe and Angelo Charles Pilotti, both of Longview, Sept. 3.

Jaime Rachelle Bobbitt of Longview and Russell Benjamin Lucas of Washougal, Washington, Sept. 3.

Marissa Ann Cavaness and Miles Scott Olin, both of Longview, Sept. 3.

Jordan Craig Wilson and Kanae Sherry Fukuda, both of Tacoma, Aug. 30.

Peter Russell Looking Elk of Longview and Emily Ann Goodwin of Rainier, Aug. 30.

Dennis Lee Dameron and Sofia Ann Calixtro, both of Longview, Aug. 30.

Alan Ernest Garrison and Jill Renae Noble, both of Kalama, Aug. 30.

Jason Ryan Portell and Jodi Ann Chase, both of Longview, Aug. 30.

Ryan Scott Sumner and Brandie Nicole Killgore, both of Kelso, Aug. 30.

Jonathan Allen Carroll and Robin G. Whiteley, both of Longview, Aug. 30.

Scott Allen Printz and Nicole Leeann Lemmons, both of Silver Lake, Aug. 30.

Wayne Elliott Miller and Kelly Marie Miller, both of Kelso, Aug. 30.


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