Michael Casey Roberts and Heidi Mare Chhearth, both of St. Helens, Ore., May 13.

Jacob Joel Mauselle and Hien Thi Pham, both of Longview, May 10.

Brendon Allan McDaniel of Castle Rock and Emma Rose McLaughlin of Kelso, May 10.

Jennifer Ann Ottum and Carlos Tobias Levario, both of Oregon City, Ore., May 10.

Kimbal Benjamin Radach and Linda Lee Hawkins, both of Castle Rock, May 8.

Brianna May Leann G. Everton and Robert Earl Curlee Jr., both of Longview, May 7.

Dylan Taylor Kean and Kelley Ranae Knowles, both of Longview, May 7.

Keith Aaron Jensen and Elliott Madison Scroggins, both of Longview, May 6

Amelia Jean Manring and Austin Gunner Ripp, both of Woodland, May 6.

Luke Robert Hartman and Charly Jo Childers, both of Kelso, May 3.

Brenda Joy Fleck and Wayne Michael Fredricks, both of Longview, May 3.

Jarin Michael Peterson and Meghann Victoria Meyers, both of Longview, May 3.

Bradley Thomas Ruby and Ashley Ann Marie Jacobs, both of Woodland, May 3.

Jeremiah Hunter Neuneker of Longview and Kaylynn Marie Taylor of Woodland, May 2.

Geoffrey Allen McHugh and Wilmarie S. Pruitt, both of Longview, May 2.

Joseph James Duncan and Rebecca Lynn Hillhouse, both of Longview, May 2.

Enrique Ramirez Martinez and Katey Lynn Cavender, both of Longview, May 2.

Lillian Mae Ricker and Benjamin Gene Bucklin, both of Woodland, May 1.

Ashley Nicole Fias and Daren Ray Barnes, both of Winlock, April 30.

Cassandra Lynn Cottrell of Vancouver and Andrew Scott Carroll of Kelso, April 30.

Kurt Lee Kalbus and Elizabeth Suzanne Shull, both of Kelso, April 30.

Zachary James Alger and Jennifer Rose Garcia-Caro, both of Longview, April 29.

Brandon Earl Brownlee and Michele Rene Kempp, both of Longview, April 29.

Zechariah J. W. Banks and Abigail Grace Almquist, both of Tulare, Calif., April 26.

Kailyn Kathryn Ann Raglin and Garyn Mark Indiana Bowen, both of Kelso, April 26.

Stephen Lawrence E. Burright and Renee Lynn Sorenson, both of Longview, April 26.

Corey Scott Morehouse and Amber May Beringer, both of Kelso, April 26.

Steven Thomas Gillespie and Rebekah Nicole Munson, both of Clatskanie, April 26.

Tara Teresa Evans and Bryan Daniel Silva, both of Kelso, April 25.

Sandy Vavquez and Eliseo Castellon Hernandez, both of Longview, April 25.

Dale Alfred Chamberlain and Ashley Lynn Nicole Hall, both of Longview, April 25.

Brent E. Moon and Karen D. Bauer, both of Kelso, April 25.

Jordan D. D. Conover and Becky Lee Davis, both of Longview, May 25.

Kharece Kathleen Tevis and Sean Anthony Cadwell, both of Longview, May 23.

Daniel Ray Holt and Amber Lynn Stacy, both of Castle Rock, May 22.

Hannah Jean Merzoian of Kelso and Nicholas Lewis Wirkkala of Shelton, Wash., April 22.

Javier Palomera and Olga Yanira Avalos Velazquez, both of Kelso, April 22.

Jeri Janet Humbyrd and Timothy Ray Brown, both of Kelso, April 19.

Scott Robert Costello of Silver Lake and Jodee Lynn Orr of Castle Rock, April 19.

Raymond Lee Channel and Crystal Lynn Brown, both of Kelso, April 18.

Craig Wayne Anagnostou and Michelle Lynn Goodbla, both of Castle Rock, April 18.

Kyle Anthony Tucker and Krista Faye Dougherty, both of Longview, April 18.

Nathan Jay West and Susanne Jayne Somero, both of Ariel, April 18.

Joseph Daniel Rowe and Amanda Joelle Hill, both of Longview, April 18.

Candace Marie Melerine of Kelso and Matthew George Lomasney of Longview, April 17.

Shylee Deane Bartlett and Brandon Lyman Coons, both of Longview, April 16.

Isidro Ruelas of Kelso and Maria Aide Garcia Bravo of Vancouver, April 15.

Ulises Pineda Flores and Cruz Adriana Uroza Avilez, both of Woodland, April 15.

Jordan Tate Williams and Clayton Robert Laferty, both of Kelso, April 15.

Jeremiah Kevin Gaffney and Sara Rashell Rice, both of Castle Rock, April 12.

Raenne Vay Hoffman and Jeremiah James Burton, both of Woodland, April 12.

Hannah Mary-Elizabeth Ipock and Quinn Martin Gavette, both of Kalama, April 11.

Brady Ray Filler and Rebekah Alexandra W. Smith, both of Longview, April 11.

Mark Michael Hartley of Kelso and Courtney Lynn Rayell Olson of Longview, April 10.

Tammy Jeannette Campbell and Gregory Allen Laine, both of Kelso, April 10.

Savannah Jordan Chandler of Ridgefield, Wash., and Blake Anders Slater of Kelso, April 10.

Hutton Tanner Napier of Lacey, Wash., and Brooke Elizabeth Grandle of Kelso, April 10.

Patrick James Ray Dual and Selena Rose Barnes, both of Woodland, April 10.

Cameron Aaron Davenport of Kelso and Leah Aurelia Blackburn of Castle Rock, April 10.

Daylen Douglas Stroud and Mackenzie Marie Gates, both of Longview, April 9.

David Norman Willoughby and Christine Harris, both of Longview, April 9.

Lon Allen Ford and Sierra Cheri Hebert, both of Silver Lake, April 9.

Brianna R. Parsons of Vancouver and Devin Alan Papka of Kelso, April 8.

Jack Scott Willis and Cary Lee Hedrick, both of Longview, April 5.

Lonnie Allen Bruce of Kelso and Ruth Angela McLeod of Gig Harbor, Wash., April 5.

Syndey Layne Weber of Longview and Tarryn Scott Carter of Kelso, April 5.

Elizabeth Grace Olson and Michael Jarod Opdycke, both of Kelso, April 5.

Nancy Dee Nicolay and Jason Edwin Murphy II, both of Longview, April 3.

Jessica Lela Marie Proffitt and Charles Earl Gioieni Lange, both of Renton, Wash., April 3.

Justin Michael Keller and Crystal Eliza Shelton, both of Tenino, Wash., April 3.

Jade Mari Kwai Chee Cassio and Deryl Kevin Stavig, both of Longview, April 2.

Mildred Mae Nyberg and Joseph Zachariah Bromley, both of Longview, April 2.

Mark Quentin Oberg and Colette Lynn Hatton, both of Longview, April 2.

Nicholas I. Bordallo and Carlee Randall Whitaker-Timmreck, both of Longview, April 2.

Amber Lanae Towner and Logann Joy Frank, both of Longview, April 1.

Keely Ellen Graves and Steven Robert Vaughn, both of Castle Rock, April 1.

Kate E. Scherzinger and Jay Jon Ellis, both of Woodland, March 29.

Ana R. Castillo Gonzalez and Hermenegildo Venegas Nava, both of Longview, March 29.

Katelyn Leah Gwin and Michael Allen-David Dean, both of Longview, March 28.

Brent Fredrickson and Tonya Byman, both of Monticello, Minn., March 28.

Mercedes Somoa Heng and Bradley Jared Bjornstrom, both of Longview, March 28.

Ronny E. Irvine and Chase G. Harkleroad, both of Kalama, March 26.

Armando Negrete Belmonte and Maria Serena Reyes Saucedo, both of Kelso, March 25.

Debra Lorene Heinz of Newberg, Ore., and John Paul Wilson of Kelso, March 25.

Joseph Allen Dills and Aubri Nicole McKenna, both of Longview, March 25.

Gary Elton Blowers and Cynthia Ann Lampe, both of Longview, March 25.

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