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Jorge Adrian Amador Munoz and Daisy Lopez Dominguez, both of Longview, Jan. 10.

Bill Eugene Griffith of Kalama and Diane Camille Bachman of Los Altos, Calif., Jan. 10.

Gary David Lindberg of Albany, Ore., and Karen Marie Smith of Longview, Jan. 10.

Mariano Sainez Soto and Maria G. Morales Quintero, both of Longview, Jan. 8.

Rocki Joe Alex Davison Wentz of Kelso and Gabriella Marie Washington of Longview, Jan. 8.

Opal Elizabeth Coulter and Craig Joseph Stevenson, both of Kelso, Jan. 5.

Dennis Arnold Quick of Castle Rock and Carol Anne Johnson of Longview, Jan. 3.

Samuel Muro Montes and Ariana Nava, both of Kelso, Jan. 3.

Jack Brandon Slape of Longview and Kenner Erynn Lindberg of Kelso, Jan. 3.

Matthew James McLaughlin of Ridgefield and Elycia Renee Millo of Castle Rock, Jan. 2.

Megan Grace Schmitz and Karen Ann McNew, both of Kelso, Jan. 2.

David Nicholas Prewitt and Grace Paglinawan Asis, both of Longview, Dec. 29.

Aurelio Veronica Gatica and Reina Lopez Jimenez, both of Woodland, Dec. 29.

Keith Leroy Rothfus of Longview and Liberty De Guia Rayman of Lake Oswego, Ore., Dec. 29.

Hodari Jumapili Belt Hill and Laura Jane Haataja, both of Longview, Dec. 28.

Christian Marlon Barrios of Longview and Viviana Lisa Marie Losalla of Kelso, Dec. 27.

Mario Zacarias Pelozo and Alicia Dianna Stephenson, both of Longview, Dec. 27.

Andrew Lee Green and Clairece Evelyn Hemmert, both of Kelso, Dec. 27.

Morgan Jenae Spreadborough of Kelso and Tyler Douglas Schell of Longview, Dec. 26.

Jordan Shea Lee Taylor and Corey Leland Drake, both of Kelso, Dec. 26.

Cole Wayne Hoffman of Castle Rock and Keysha Marie Smith of Cathlamet, Dec. 26.

James Peterson Norman and Brooke Nicole McWilliams, both of Kelso, Dec. 26.

Elias Rodriquez-Nino and Ana Iris Marquez, both of Kelso, Dec. 22.

Amy Delores Mincey and Michael Allen Stevens, both of Longview, Dec. 21.

Tyler Kyle Payne of Westport, Ore., and Nichole Danielle Galer of Longview, Dec. 20.

Kelli Dawn Cooper and Tristan Cullen Gardner, both of Kelso, Dec. 20.

Aaron Burton Cash and Inva Begolli, both of Woodland, Dec. 20.

Kelly Diane Reser of Longview and Gary Lee Harkeroad of Kalama, Dec. 19.

Zachary David Reed and Kayla Patricia Spicer, both of Kelso, Dec. 19.

Madeline Lovingfoss and Jeffrey St. Pierre, both of Longview, Dec. 18.

Scott Lipton and Brooke Peterson, both of Kalispell, Montana, Dec. 18.

Michael Anthony Ross and Natasha Erin Schmidt, both of Castle Rock, Dec. 18.

Daniel Andrew Bardonski and Amanda Leigh Rominger, both of Longview, Dec. 15.


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