A large dog attacked and may have killed a smaller dog on a leash Sunday afternoon in Winlock, according to an eyewitness.

“It was unbelievable. We were driving up as it occurred. It looked like the big dog was shaking a white bag. But when we got within 50 or 60 feet, we saw it was a little dog on a leash and the big dog had it by the neck and was shaking the heck out of it,” said Don Rubert.

Rubert, an Idaho resident who was visiting his son, Winlock resident Dave Rubert, said that after about 20 seconds the big dog “dropped the little one, ran by us and then disappeared. It makes you wonder about these dog running lose. If it had been a kid it would have been severely injured or killed.”

He thought the attack killed the little dog, which lay motionless in a pool of blood. But it later got up and ran toward its owner, who had been walking it at the corner of NW Benton and West Walnut Street. Neither the dog’s condition nor the name of its owner was available Monday.

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Dave Rubert said his neighbor called police out of concern for her children’s safety Monday and was told “this dog had been caught and dealt with.” Winlock Police did not return repeated calls for comment Monday.

Rubert said the big dog likely weighed more than 100 pounds and was multicolored, but mostly black and brown. He said it looked like a pit bull because of its squarish head and muscular build.

“The owner of the little dog was screaming, but he didn’t have a stick or anything (to fight it off). It was a big dog. I think he was too scared to do anything” to stop the attack, Don Rubert said.

Lewis County has no animal control agency, leaving vicious dog cases to the sheriff’s office or city police departments. The Lewis County Animal Shelter in Chehalis only cares for animals and has no enforcement authority, officials there said.

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