Fourteen-year-old Taylor Rehmeyer and her mother, Karen Owen, remain optimistic, but Taylor’s years-long battle with brain cancer may not be over.

Last September, Taylor, who has been battling cancer since the age of six, was featured in The Daily News when she became the first person from our region to undergo a pioneering treatment in Philadelphia.

By December, her tumor was shrinking as a result of her intense course of treatments.

But recently, the tumor has stopped shrinking.

“It hasn’t grown since Nov. 1, but it hasn’t changed either,” Karen Owen said in a phone interview last week.

That news, delivered during a check-up at Seattle Children’s Hospital, was like being “hit with a big punch in the belly” for both mother and daughter, Owen said.

The family plans to return to Philadelphia this summer, where specialists will give Taylor a more thorough examination, and help the family determine how to proceed.

In the meantime, Owen said, Taylor’s health is good overall, and she is leading the typical teenage life, although she has been battling headaches and still struggles with occasional bouts of extreme fatigue.

“When we were first told about the tumor not shrinking, it was rough. It was really rough. She was very depressed and cried a lot. She was frustrated a lot,” Owen said, “But she’s a trooper. After four or five days she bucks up and says ‘I’m gonna keep keeping on.’ She constantly amazes me. I don’t know how she does it.”

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