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mount st. helens creation center

The Mount St. Helens Creation Center is relocating into the former Castle Rock Exhibit Hall building at 147 Front Street, and supporters are looking for donations and volunteer assistance to clean up the building. 

"We are so excited about this new center. The building has been purchased by an anonymous benefactor and is being rented to us for a token amount. The building needs a considerable amount of refurbishment, painting, and decorating, so we will shortly be telling you all our plans, and asking if you can help us in any way, through a crowd-fund and also through volunteer painters!" according to an email and Internet posting.

The center's voice message Thursday said the new center is opening Friday. It has been closed for the winter. It had formerly been located east of Castle Rock along Spirit Lake Memorial Highway. 

Sponsors believe in a literal interpretation of the Bible and that the sudden changes caused by the May 18, 1980, eruption of Mount St. Helens are proof that catastrophic geological changes like those described in Bible do happen.

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