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Toutle Lake High School

The Cowlitz County Sheriff’s Office has arrested a 15-year-old Toutle Lake High School student who allegedly threatened to shoot up the school last week, chief criminal deputy Charlie Rosenzweig said Monday.

The student was taken to St. John Medical Center on Feb. 27 after other students overheard him making the threatening statements. When  interviewed by a sheriff’s deputy, the student said he had been joking, according to the sheriff’s office.

“We take these threats seriously, and so does the school,” Rosenzweig said. “He said he was joking, but nonetheless, you can't legally threaten to shoot up or damage a school. It's obviously against the law.”

The sheriff’s office said the boy turned himself in voluntarily and is not believed to have any access to firearms. He is receiving a mental health evaluation and counseling, Rosenzweig said.

He added that “the school has been doing everything to make sure (students are) safe.”



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