Students in Need Coupon – 2019

Students in Need, The Daily News’ drive to raise money to assist students at Lower Columbia College, has reached $7,586.

The newspaper donates every penny it raises to the LCC Foundation, which will use it for its Student Success Fund. The fund makes grants to students to help pay personal expenses to help them stay in school.

This year’s goal is to raise $50,000.

Donating is simple. Fill out the accompanying coupon and mail a check to the newspaper or go to TDN.com/students and click on the Students in Need donate button in the body of the story.

The coupon will appear in the paper daily until the drive ends April 30.

The latest donations:

$1,200: anonymous in appreciation of The Daily News for making it easy to donate to Lower Columbia College students.

$250: Lois Rodman in appreciation of the Rodman family.

$100: Jeanne O’Connor in appreciation of Lower Columbia College staff.

$50: David Fine and Sharon Adams in appreciation of Amy Yokel.

$25: Darcie Chess in appreciation of Lois McMillan.

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