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Stirling Honda

The new Stirling Honda building now fronts on Washington Way.

A locally owned car dealership donated $1,000 to Saint Helens Elementary School in Longview Thursday as part of a “Kind is Better” campaign to support local schools.

The “Kind is Better” campaign is led by the Northwest Honda Dealers, an association of about 10 Honda dealerships in Washington and Oregon that includes Stirling Honda in Longview. The group supports each dealership in charitable spending efforts, including the group’s school-focused campaign, said Josh Wright, Stirling Honda sales manager.

“We are happy to help out, and we definitely want to help out area children and families,” Wright said. “That’s what it’s about.”

The schools are able to spend the money however they deem fit. District spokesman Rick Parrish said Saint Helens Elementary will likely use the donation for classroom supplies, or to buy food, clothing and other items for students in need.

“Every little bit of support, understanding that there are a lot of challenges in our society today, helps to create a better environment for the kids and the teachers, and hopefully ends with kids learning more,” Parrish said. “When your stomach is full versus empty, you’re going to learn better.”

This is the second “Kind is Better” donation Stirling Honda has made, Wright said. Last year, they gave $1,000 to Catlin Elementary School in Kelso.

The plan is to donate to a new school every year, Wright said.

“There is so many schools in need, but we just try to find a particular one we can help out,” Wright said.

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