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Snow collapses roof of Winlock mobile home

Snow collapses roof of Winlock mobile home

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Collapsed roof

Rich Ary shows some of the damage caused when the the snow-covered carport roof collapsed on his mobile home and vehicles.

WINLOCK — "This is not something you expect," Carolyn Ary said Thursday, while surveying the soggy wreckage that had been her living room only the day before.

Wednesday morning, Carolyn and Rich Ary watched in shock as the roof of their mobile home collapsed under the weight of one of the largest snow storms in several years.

Prior to the collapse, the Arys had been enjoying a peaceful snowy morning at their rural Winlock home.

Caroly was in her recliner, watching the morning news, while Rich stood in the kitchen, talking on the phone with his sister. Rich's sister asked them to check on her home, so Carlyn got up from her recliner, and went in the bedroom to get dressed for the day.

Suddenly, Rich says, they heard a strange rumbling sound, like an office chair rolling across a wooden floor, only louder.

Rich knew something was wrong, and instantly headed for the door of the trailer.

"I didn't even make it to the door," said Rich, Thursday afternoon. Within seconds, a loud crash followed, as the wooden carport that sheltered their mobile home and vehicles unexpectedly came tumbling down.

"It took about two seconds. Everything shifted, and then just stopped, said Rich.

Shocked, Rich and Carolyn stared at the wreckage in their living room. The roof of the single-wide mobile home had caved in under the weight of the collapsed carport. Piles of insulation dumped from the splintered, gaping hole in the wood-panelled ceiling, filling the recliner Carolyn had been sitting in only moments before.

"She headed out the back door, and I headed out the front door," Rich said.

Still dazed, they took in the scene. The pitched roof of their wood-shingle and log carport now rested on top of their Jeep, and the truck which they had only just finished paying off now had a wooden pole embedded in its roof.

Aside from the truck, most of their belongings were spared from a serious damage, although at first, they feared that one of their cats had been buried by the rubble.

"I thought for sure that the roof got her," Carolyn said, but they were relieved to discover two hours later that all of their pets were safe.

Rich and Carolyn soon realized that they would need to remove everything from the mobile home as quickly as possible. Friends, family, neighbors, and members of the fire department quickly came to the rescue.

"It was grab and go," said Carolyn. By early afternoon, the mobile home, where they had been staying while their main house was remodeled, was completely empty, and the dented, but still driveable Jeep had been excavated from the rubble.

For the present, the Arys are staying with a neighbor,and waiting for an insurance evaluator to asssess the damage. Once the evaluation is complete, friends will help them clear away the remains of the carport. Only then will they know if their Chevy pickup, which they had only recently finished paying off, will be salvageable.

Thursday afternoon, Carolyn said they were "feeling rattled," but very thankful for the support of the many community members who have called to offer their support.

"Everybody wants to know what they can do. There's nothing they can do, Carolyn said.

Rich expressed his relief that neither they, nor the animals were harmed in the collapse.

"We're just feeling thankful that none of us got hurt,"


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