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The Port of Longview is seeking a safety program manager, advertising for the job for the third time in a year after two previous applicants turned down job offers in favor of other jobs.

Port CEO Norm Krehbiel said the job market is competitive among employers right now — the last candidate to whom the port offered the safety job had multiple job offers to choose from. The search will continue until the port fills the position, he said.

In the meantime, the port has hired a consultant to make sure it is not falling behind on training and other safety measures. Other staff members have also stepped up, spreading some of the responsibility around.

“We’re trying to always progress on a safer work environment,” Kreihbel said. “What we’ve done is sort of treading water.”

The port does have safety regulations, and its unions typically have their own safety supervisors and guidelines in their contracts. But a safety manager streamline those efforts, keep training records and ensures protocols are followed.

Kreihbel said a safety manager would also oversee that all potential safety issues are understood and responded to in the same way.

Port Commissioner Jeff Wilson said the port is growing and a safety manager helps administration keep track of all the risks employees face. With expansion, Wilson said, the port has seen a void left by the empty position. Though responsibility has been shared, filling the position for good will help them connect the dots.

“We want everyone to be safe and healthy,” Wilson said. “To go home in better, or as good as, condition as they came in.”

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