As the summer months arrive and people flock to the coast, Pacific County officials are working to introduce new tsunami evacuation maps for walking.

The ‘get your tennis shoes wet’ maps are made specifically for pedestrian walking evacuation paths.

The new plans are reaching the beach by the end of this year after the Washington Geological Survey released new modeling for the Washington coast in 2014.

“In 2017 the Geological Survey published new maps for the southwest Washington area based off of the new modeling and we want to be prepared for a Cascadia event,” said Daniel Eungard, a Subsurface Data Geoscientist with the Washington Geological Survey.

The goal for these maps is to help people evacuate as quickly and safely as possible by walking on designated paths, Eungard said.

Maps will include evacuations routes and wave heights, which is imperative for a successful evacuation, according to Scott McDougall, the director of the Pacific County Emergency Management Agency.

The creation of the maps is federally funded. Two maps will be completed for Pacific County and cost around $30,000, according to Eungard.

Pacific County residents had an opportunity to view these maps, which are still in draft form and about 50% completed, McDougall said.

“First responders and officials will have access to these maps as soon as they’re done. We work to provide as much information to people so they can plan for tsunami hazards,” Eungard added.

“With these new plans and maps it will be easier and more survivable for anyone on the peninsula,” McDougall said. “This is an important part of our ongoing commitment to make people as prepared as possible to take action in that sort of situation.”

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