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Cowlitz County sheriff’s deputies arrested a man early Wednesday morning after numerous 911 callers reported seeing him running around the 1800 block of Spirit Lake Memorial Highway, shooting a gun and jumping on cars.

911 dispatch started receiving calls about the man a few minutes after 9 p.m. Tuesday.

One homeowner told law enforcement that the man, John Kenneth Roberts III, ran into his house after shooting at the base of his driveway. The homeowner said he found Roberts in his kitchen drinking from a 2-liter Pepsi bottle taken from his fridge.

Police blocked the highway and detained the man shortly after midnight. He reportedly told deputies he was given a “hot shot” and “only (had) two minutes to live.”

The “hot shot” referred to a “significant or substantial” amount of methamphetamine, Chief Criminal Deputy Charlie Rosenzweig said.

Sheriff’s officers later found a plastic bag on Roberts containing methamphetamine.

Roberts, 40, was booked into Cowlitz County Jail on suspicion of first-degree burglary, possession of methamphetamine, reckless endangerment, first-degree unlawful firearm possession and third-degree theft. He has not been formally charged.

“His behavior is typical of someone who consumes a lot of meth,” Rosenzweig said, “which highlights how terrible of an idea it is for people to use meth, because this is what happens.”

Rosenzweig said that no one was hurt, and as far as they know, no property was damaged or struck by any bullets.

Roberts told police that the gun could be stolen, but Rosenzweig said the sheriff’s office has not yet confirmed whether or not it had been stolen.

Roberts has several previous convictions in Cowlitz County for controlled substance possession, burglary and theft of a motor vehicle.

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