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A man was arrested Saturday after an hours-long standoff with sheriff’s deputies at Cougar RV park, but he didn’t show up for his day in court Monday.

Jason Gibbs, a 43-year-old man with no known permanent address, barricaded himself in a community bathroom at the Cougar RV park after a brief scuffle with deputies on Saturday, Chief Criminal deputy Charlie Rosenzweig said Monday.

Deputies had been serving a warrant for arrest based on allegations that Gibbs had discharged a firearm while in a disagreement with his romantic partner several weeks ago. Rosenzweig did not have further information on those allegations, which included charges of first-degree assault and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm.

Gibbs refused to leave the bathroom for several hours Saturday, Rosenzweig said, and since deputies believed Gibbs might be armed, they called a SWAT team. Gibbs exited the building shortly before SWAT arrived.

Gibbs was scheduled to appear at the Cowlitz County Superior Court on Monday, but he refused to show up even though he was in custody, according to Judge Michael Evans. Rosenzweig said his non-appearance was very unusual and fascinating, given he was still held in custody.

“It’s really rare if they are in custody that they will do that,” Rosenzweig said. “Most people work really, really hard to get to court. It’s not very often that they refuse to come.“



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