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Longview fire officials suspect that an arsonist caused the blaze that destroyed a vacant house in the 2600 block of Baltimore Street early Saturday.

According to a press release from Battalion Chief Eric Koreis, firefighters were dispatched at 1:15 a.m. to the two-story home but couldn't enter because of a four-foot tall pile of debris and garbage that posed a hazard. However, firefighters cut holes in the exterior walls to search for victims and to prevent flames from spreading to another house.

The fire was out by 3:23 a.m. The $114,430 home likely is a total loss, the press release stated.

According to Koreis, the house had no utilities and was vacant for at least a year. An investigation into possible arson is ongoing. Anyone with information should contact the Longview Fire Department or the Longview Police Department.

A video of the fire from the helmet cam of Firefighter/Paramedic Aaron Flemens is available online at


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