Standoff on Pine street

A Cowlitz County Sheriff deputy walks on scene at a standoff on the 3300 block of Pine Street in Longview on Tuesday afternoon.

Longview police have identified a Longview man suspected of throwing a knife and a large bong at officers during a two-hour standoff in the Columbia Valley Gardens neighborhood Tuesday afternoon.

The bong shattered when it hit a SWAT vehicle, according to police, showering officers with broken glass.

James Bryan, 50, is suspected of several counts of assault, Longview Police Sergeant Chris Blanchard said.

Officers were dispatched to the 3300 block of Pine Street at about 2:28 p.m. Tuesday to reports that two men, one of them armed with a large stick, were yelling at each other in the street.

The 911 caller also mentioned a gun was involved, and a separate witness reported that an aggressive man (later identified as Bryan) had assaulted an elderly woman, later determined to be Bryan’s mother.

After officers arrived, Bryan began throwing items including a beer can, a bong, a wooden ax handle and an open blade knife at them, Blanchard said.

Bryan made statements about police having to kill him, then retreated into the house and refused to surrender.

Bryan was armed with a knife during the standoff, Blanchard said. At no point was he armed with a gun.

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Lower Columbia SWAT used gas munitions to force Bryan out of the house. He was arrested and treated at St. John Medical Center for minor self-inflicted cut wounds.

Police believe Bryan also threw a potted plant at his mother, knocking her to the ground, and threatened to assault a neighbor who was walking down the street. No officer was injured, Blanchard said.

Blanchard said Bryan has a history of assaults, illegal possession of weapons and resisting arrest.

Bryan was arrested on suspicion of second-degree assault domestic violence, five counts of third-degree assault domestic violence, fourth-degree assault, second-degree malicious mischief domestic violence and resisting arrest.

Schools nearby were placed on lock down during the standoff. The street re-opened at about 5 p.m.

The incident was the second time in a week that Longview police called out Lower Columbia SWAT to respond to a standoff involving an uncooperative person. Blanchard encouraged people to reach out for help before similar situations occur.

“Unfortunately, both of these cases involved the potential for and imminent risk of harm to family of these two individuals and to the public nearby,” Blanchard said in an email. “When there is such a risk or has already progressed to the point at which assaults are occurring, such as yesterday’s incident, it really limits options for family and friends other than calling for (law enforcement) assistance due to the safety concerns.”

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