Preston Carlson

Preston Carlson, 25, at left, makes his first appearance under suspicion of attempted first-degree murder Thursday at the Cowlitz County Jail.

A police search of an attempted murder suspect’s phone found Facebook messages in which he appeared to brag about the Longview shooting, according to Preston Carlson’s arrest records.

About four hours before Tuesday’s shooting, Carlson, 25, offered to take another man on a “fatty mission,” which would involve “boom boom n hit (the victim) and his mom. Take everything and there rig and bounce. .. we tske (sic) them out ... DEAD.”

Hours later the next morning, he again messaged the man, according to his arrest record:

“Dude listen to the scanner right f---ing now.” “(The victim’s) done.” “Poof. No more him.” “Were are you now. I need to sell the gun.” “N---- (the victim’s) being rushed to the hospital.” “He woke up cause i was trying to slide the laptop out and he quickly got up thinking he was gonna be tuff man..then outa knoe where he startes screen it like a lil girl.”

Longview police were dispatched at 2:30 March 12 to the 400 block of Quail Lane, where a 911 caller reported her son had been shot.

The victim was found lying on the floor, conscious, with two wounds in his abdomen: the entry and exit points of a hollow point bullet which struck him.

Another bullet missed the victim but flew through three interior walls, two layers of sheetrock each, and an interior door before lodging in a closet on the other end of the house, according to police.

The victim said he awoke to a curtain falling down and saw a man standing in his open bedroom window, six feet away, wearing a white plastic mask and a hood. The man silently pointed a semiautomatic handgun through the window and fired two shots, the victim said, and the victim then fled out of the bedroom.

A witness saw that man shine a flashlight through the victim’s window beforehand, according to police records, and said she saw the light-colored passenger car he came in speed away after hearing the shooting. Police found a purse left behind there, which they later connected along with the vehicle to a reported burglary in the 2800 block of Ocean Beach Highway that night.

Police weren’t specifically looking for Carlson when they found him six hours later, asleep in the driver’s seat of that stolen vehicle with the engine running, according to police documents and Longview Police Detective Branden McNew. He had the keys to the car in his pocket, according to police records. Carlson was awakened and arrested on suspicion of possessing a stolen vehicle, and police Wednesday added attempted murder and residential burglary to his suspected charges.

In the vehicle, they found a white plastic mask, a Ruger handgun, multiple kinds of handgun ammo, and a TV believed to have been the one stolen at the Ocean Beach burglary.

In searching Preston’s Facebook messages, they also found attempts by him to sell a TV matching the type he is suspected of stealing.

Carlson is currently held without bail at the Cowlitz County jail. His bail will be set Thursday, when he will also be arraigned.

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