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A Longview man faces nearly 100 charges dating back to 2015 for allegedly stealing more than $170,000 from United Finance Co., where he managed customer accounts.

Luis Olaez, 34, had access to personal customer information that he used to create fake accounts, police allege. Police say that between January 2015 and September 2017, Olaez allegedly created at least 45 false accounts, using each to print out and cash checks ranging from $2,000 to $8,000 from United Finance.

According to the arrest warrant, Longview police believe Olaez used the money to pay personal bills and credit accounts for many years. Police suspect Olaez may have defrauded his employer of up to $220,000.

Olaez faces 16 counts of first-degree theft, 26 counts of second-degree theft, and 42 counts of forgery.

Olaez was terminated in late 2017 for reasons unrelated to the allegations, but the company discovered the fake accounts soon afterward. The  fraud was well documented in the company’s computer system, court documents said.

Olaez was arrested on warrant earlier this month and ordered held on $20,000 bail Thursday, but he posted bail and was released the next day while he awaits resolution of his case.



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