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Juries recently convicted two members of a cabal of five Kelso residents suspected of scamming more than $10,000 from Longview businesses over several months last year.

The other three have jumped bail and are on the run.

Four members of the group allegedly made purchases at businesses using fraudulent credit cards. The four allegedly stole from Woods Logging, North Coast Electric, Cowlitz River Rigging, Longview Pawnbrokers, DCP Hobbies and Audio Express, according to court documents.

A fifth member, Jessica Boggs, is not accused of making the fraudulent purchases herself, but a search warrant at her residence recovered blank, fraudulent credit cards in her name, according to the documents.

An Aug. 16 Longview police search of a home shared by the suspects found forged credit cards and materials and tools to create more fraudulent credit cards. They also found large amounts of methamphetamine.

Two members of the group have already been convicted. Holly Boggs, 53, and Stanley Canterbury, 61, were both found guilty on Feb. 27 of 11 counts of forgery, nine counts of third-degree theft, and four counts of second-degree theft. Longview police arrested them on Sept. 1.

Two charges date from February 2017. The others date from a three-week period from June 7 through June 27. Holly Boggs and Canterbury were brought back into custody on $15,000 bail Thursday and will be sentenced on March 26, according to records.

Two other members of the group, Michael Chester, 34, and Virginia Boggs, 25, were arrested by Longview police Aug. 13. They admitted their involvement to police and said the items had been sold on a direct purchasing app called “OfferUp,” according to court records.

Chester and Virginia Boggs have both been charged with leading organized crime, 10 counts of forgery, three counts of first-degree trafficking of stolen property, eight counts of unlawful credit card factoring, and a single controlled substance violation.

Arrest warrants have been issued for them.

The fifth suspected member of the group, Jessica Boggs, 31, was arrested Aug. 13 on suspicion of first-degree trafficking in stolen property, second-degree theft, third-degree theft and unlawful factoring of a credit card. She posted bail on Aug. 14 but did not show up for her Aug. 22 arraignment.



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