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Kalama police are looking for a burglary suspect who assaulted a homeowner on Silverdust Drive in early February, Kalama police chief Ralph Herrera said Thursday.

The alleged burglary occurred early in the morning Feb. 4, when Herrera said the suspect forced entry through a window into the house and stole personal property and cash.

When the homeowner confronted the suspect, they were struck in the face and knocked down, Herrera said. The suspect then fled through the front door.

Police said the crime is perplexing, in part, because it seems to have come out of the blue.

“We don’t have any similar cases recently,” Herrera said. “Nothing similar in modus operandi, nothing similar in the crime type or method of entry.”

Kalama police are increasing patrols in the area, a press release said, and are asking residents to remain vigilant and contact police if they see anything suspicious or know anything related to the burglary.

Herrera added the victim is doing better, despite being “understandably shaken.”



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