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Rick Parrish, the former publisher of The Daily News, will become Longview School District’s communications director on July 1, replacing 33-year employee Sandy Catt.

Parrish’s appointment was announced at Monday night’s school board meeting. Parrish, 52, resigned from TDN in February after serving as publisher for eight years. He is a native of the Puget Sound area.

“The chance to serve the school district, the kids, the board and the opportunity that (Superintendent Dan) Zorn has given me by hiring me, it all feels great,” he said. “I’m really looking forward to it.”

Catt, who announced her retirement in March, has worked with the district since 1985. She said the district is “excited” for Parrish to join its team.

“(Rick is) bringing his years of experience in marketing and communications, with a strong background in accounting and numbers,” she said Monday morning. “I think that is an excellent skill set that he’s bringing to help the district move forward.”

Catt, 62, said her decision to step down is “the typical retirement story,” because her spouse has retired as well.

Parrish, said he applied for Catt’s position because he wished to continue living in the Longview area and he knew the community well due to his position as a publisher.

Parrish said he was confident that his skills would serve him well at Longview Public Schools.

“Some parts of it will be easier, other parts will require some dedication, focus and learning,” he said. “But in the end, I expect to do an outstanding job.”

Parrish said his salary will be about $87,600 annually.



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