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A Longview man suspected of stealing $56 in merchandise from Winco on Saturday also struck and bit store security officers as he left the store, Longview police said Monday.

Scott Burch, 29, was booked Saturday on suspicion of first-degree robbery, first-degree assault, two counts of fourth-degree assault and possession of a dangerous weapon — allegedly brass knuckles.

Longview police Detective Sgt. Chris Blanchard said police were originally called to respond to “a fight” in the Winco parking lot Saturday evening, after Burch allegedly left the store without paying.

Burch, whom police say was wearing brass knuckles, allegedly began biting and punching two security officers. Both victims sustained bite marks and wounds, but their injuries are not known to be serious, Blanchard said. Another bystander tried to remove Burch’s knuckles and also was bitten, police said.

Burch was uncooperative and cursed at officers when arrested, Blanchard said. He told officers he was on a variety of drugs. Blanchard could not confirm what, if any, intoxicants Burch had been using.

Athis first court appearance Monday, Superior Court Judge Michael Evans set Burch’s bail at $20,000. Burch pleaded for a lesser amount and told the judge “I was really really under the influence of drugs.”

Evan advised Burch not to speak until he had consulted a lawyer. But Burch continued, “I was being attacked. I was defending myself.” He was then taken back to jail.

Burch has three prior convictions for fourth-degree assault as a juvenile.



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