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After a premature labor weeks ago, Nichole Meyers already had a bag packed and in the car when labor began again Tuesday.

“I felt completely different after the early labor,” Meyers said. “I wanted him out.”

Although her original due date was Jan. 1, Meyers (maiden name Lindquist) didn’t think she’d have PeaceHealth St. John Medical Center’s first baby of 2019. But her son Maddux, 8 pounds 13 ounces, was the first and only baby born at the hospital Tuesday — just barely. Meyers said she gave birth at 11:24 p.m. and her doctor was called to another delivery after midnight.

Meyers and her husband, Max, both 26, also have a 4-year-old daughter, Maylee. The Castle Rock couple finished putting together Maddux’s bedroom Tuesday, he said, just before his wife went into labor around noon.

The double M names run in the family, Meyers said. Besides their daughter and many relatives on his side of the family, the couple have a dog named Mia. Nichole Meyers said she’s had Maddux’s name picked out since she was pregnant with Maylee.

Meyers said she thought Maddux would be a girl because she wanted a boy. At the couple’s gender reveal party, all the kids in the family were chanting for a boy. Meyers said she was worried they would be disappointed, but they weren’t after all. The couple is excited to raise a boy, although Maylee is a tomboy, Meyers said.

As Maddux’s parents and grandparents gathered in the hospital room Wednesday to comment on whom he most resembled, his sister echoed their thoughts.

“He looks like me,” Maylee said.

Maylee has been excited about her new baby brother, Meyers said. Her grandmother even got her a baby doll for Christmas. She will be a good helper, Meyers said.

They may look alike, but Maddux’ birth was very different from Maylee’s, Meyers said. Since labor was induced when Maylee was born, Tuesday was the first time Meyers had contractions, she said.

“She took two and a half hours. He took seven minutes,” she said.

Meyers said she is looking forward to seeing how different her two children are. So far, they have one big thing in common.

“She was a wonderful baby and so is he,” she said.

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