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Castle Rock will go six more months without recreational or medical marijuana sales.

The City Council approved a six-month extension Wednesday to the city’s current moratorium, which had been set to expire March 13. It prohibits the sale, growth, production and processing of marijuana and cannabis-infused products for medical and recreational purposes within the city’s limits.

The extension continues moratorium through mid-September.

“The current code does not adequately address new and developing marijuana-related uses, their potential impacts, and the best sites for different types of uses,” reads a city staff report presented to the council.

Because the city does not have a full-time city planner or city attorney, and the city’s planning commission has been plagued by retirements and vacancies, it has taken longer to develop appropriate regulations, said city attorney Frank Randolph.

Randolph also said that if the moratorium is removed without addressing zoning issues, the City could receive applications for uses for which there are no regulations.

The report also acknowledges that Substitute House Bill 1099, up for consideration this legislative session, could prohibit moratoriums. The bill seeks to punish towns and cities that do not have either permanent zoning or a permanent ban for marijuana businesses by Jan. 1.

HB 1099 would force local governments without a permanent policy in place to forfeit 70 percent of liquor revenue and 100 percent of marijuana revenue to the state general fund until regulations are in place.

“This creates an added impetus to complete the zoning work under the existing moratorium in a timely manner,” the report says.

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