Longview police arrested an 11-year-old Cascade Middle School student Monday afternoon after he brought a notebook titled “kill list” to school.

The boy was booked into the Cowlitz County juvenile center on six counts of felony harassment, police spokeswoman Mary Chennault said Wednesday. He was released Tuesday after a juvenile court judge determined there was no probable cause to hold him in jail.

It was not immediately clear Wednesday afternoon whether the prosecutor’s office will press charges.

Chennault said the student’s family cooperated with the investigation and agreed to surrender their firearms, which they legally owned. The student was not in possession of any weapons at the time of his arrest, she said.

Kyle Fisher, the parent of one of the targeted students, said he learned of the threat against one of his daughters from the police department. His daughter, who attends Monticello Middle School, was unaware of the threat, he said. He has sent both his daughters out of town for safety.

He said his daughter attended Kessler school with the boy, and they still live in the same neighborhood. He said he was told the boy’s notebook contained a list with six children in it and an “extensive” plan, including the route his daughters take home every day.

“This is a pretty big deal, if you have children, to see their name on a list like this,” Fisher said.

He said the incident is “disturbing.”

“We were told to get restraining order, but a restraining order won’t stop bullets,” Fisher said.

Longview School District spokesman Rick Parrish confirmed that late Monday afternoon the student was removed from school and still was suspended as of Wednesday afternoon.

“Late in the school day at Cascade, a teacher was working with a student and discovered some things in a notebook that triggered a phone call to the district office and law enforcement,” Parrish said. “Law enforcement responded, as well as administrators from Cascade.”

Chennault said a Longview Police Department school resource officer investigated the threat and arrested the student.

Fisher said the Longview Police Department should be recognized for its actions.

“Longview PD has done their job,” Fisher said. “They stopped something from happening. They should be applauded for that.”

Fisher said he had not heard from the district as of Wednesday morning.

Parrish said the district and the police are contacting families of students on the list, and educators sent a message about the incident to parents in the district Wednesday afternoon. Parrish said the schools continues to investigate.

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