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Cowlitz County Courthouse STOCK

Cowlitz County Courthouse

Fourteen more candidates threw their names in the proverbial hat Tuesday for various elected positions across Cowlitz County.

The race for J.D. Rossetti’s Longview school board seat has widened to three candidates, including Longview fire chief Phil Jurmu, Longview parent Norma McKittrick and James Norton (who ran for the same position back in 2013).

But no one has stepped up to oppose incumbent C.J. Nickerson for his school board seat yet.

Both Longview and Kelso city councils have three seats open: In Longview, Mary Jane Melink, Chet Makinster and Steve Moon’s seats are up for election. In Kelso, Rick Roberson, Todd McDaniel and Kimberly Lefebvre’s seats are up, too. So far, none of the incumbents have filed to run for their seats again. McDaniel announced Tuessday night he will not seek re-election.

In fact, none of the thirty-seven candidates that have filed with the elections office since Monday have filed for any of the three open Kelso City Council positions.

A couple of two-candidate races have opened up in the first districts 1 and 5, while both of the Toutle School District’s board of directors positions yet to have any candidates. Fire district 20, Cemetery districts 1, 3, 4 and 7 and Lexington’s flood control zone district also have no contenders.

Here is a full list of the candidates that have filed so far:

Port of Kalama

6-year term District 3 commissioner: Troy Stariha

Port of Longview

6-year term District 2 commissioner: Douglas Averett

Port of Woodland

6-year term District 3 commissioner: Paul D. Cline

City of Castle Rock

4-year term council position 1: Arthur Lee

4-year term council position 2: Leon (Lee) Kessler

City of Kalama

4-year term mayor position: Rosemary Brinson Siipola

4-year term council member position 2: Sandra Macias-Hughes

City of Longview

4-year-term council member position 5: George Brajcich and MaryAlice Wallis

4-year-term council member position 6: Dianne Quast

City of Woodland

4-year-term council member position 1: Jennifer Heffernan

4-year-term council member position 2: Al Swindell

Longview School District No. 122

4-year-term director position 1: C.J. Nickerson

4-year-term director position 2: Phil Jurmu, Norma McKittrick and James Norton

Castle Rock School District No. 401

4-year-term director position 1: Vilas Sundberg

4-year-term director position 2: Matthew Everett

4-year-term director at large (5): Andy Ogden

Kalama School District No. 402

4-year-term director position 1: Susan (Sue) Dennis-Langham

Woodland School District No. 404

4-year-term director position 4: Matthew Donald

Kelso School District No. 458

2-year unexpired term director position 3: Howard Sharples

Fire Protection District 1

6-year-term commissioner position 1: Dean Boone and Jim Kellar

Cowlitz 2 Fire and Rescue

6-year-term commissioner position 1: Scott Neves

Fire Protection District 3

6-year-term commissioner position 1: Dan Belding

Fire Protection District 5

6-year-term commissioner position 1: Graham Lasee and Terry Sinkler

Fire Protection District 6

6-year-term commissioner position 1: Jeffrey Gann

Fire Protection District 7

6-year-term commissioner position 2: Michael Rietman

Cemetery District 2

4-year-term commissioner position 2: Frances Northcut

Cemetery District 5

4-year-term commissioner position 1: Joanna Boatman

4-year-term commissioner position 3: Loranne Sue Warila

Cemetery District 6

6-year-term commissioner position 2: Bill Spencer

Beacon Hill Water and Sewer District

6-year-term commissioner position 2: Monte Spencer

Woodland Swim and Rec

4-year-term commissioner position 2: Sharyn Crosby

4-year-term commissioner position 5: Shannon Tracy

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