Brookhollow Mobile Home Park on Nov. 23 will hold a community informational presentation on the rights and responsibilities of manufactured homeowners.

“In manufactured home parks across the state for residents 55 and older, rents are blasting out of control,” Brookhollow Homeowner Association Treasurer Patsy McIntosh said Saturday. “Park residents’ rights are being violated because landlords are not following the guidelines set forth by state law. ... There are rules and regulations that are inconsistent.”

The forum, which is free and open to the public, will begin at 1 p.m. in the Kelso Senior Center. Residents in other parks are invited to attend, McIntosh said.

Anne Sadler, president of the Washington Association of Manufactured Home Owners, will facilitate the meeting. The meeting will be about two hours.

In a joint investigation between The Daily News and The Columbian last month, residents in Southwest Washington parks owned by Denise and Michael Werner said they have faced dramatic rent increases in the last couple years. The Werners declined to comment at the time.

The Werners do not own Brookhollow. McIntosh said Brookhollow residents have not faced the same rent increases and management at the park has been willing to work with residents to resolve problems.

However, it is important for all residents to know their rights, she said.

“We now have homeowners associations formed in an effort to unite the residents so we can look out for one another,” she said. “If there are abuses in rules and regulations, we want to promote management and residents working together to resolve those issues in a fair and consistent manner.”

Manufactured and mobile home park residents often own their homes but rent the land it sits on. There is no legal limit on how much a park owner can raise rent each year.

There are about 1,250 manufactured housing communities in Washington, according to the Association of Manufactured Home Owners.

Many parks are seeing “tremendous” monthly rent increases of $100 or more, McIntosh said.

“We have not seen that at Brookhollow, but we know many others have seen that and it is causing people to have to walk away from their homes,” she said. “We want to prevent that from happening in our park and we want to help others that it is happening to.”

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