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Oath Keepers militia group founder Stewart Rhodes was once a promising Yale Law School graduate. Rhodes was born in California and spent time in Nevada and once secured an Arizona Supreme Court clerkship. But Rhodes' deep distrust of government and thirst for greatness led him down a different path. Rhodes built one of the country’s largest anti-government militia groups with members who'd eventually storm the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6, 2021. The 57-year-old Rhodes and four others tied to the group head to trial this week on charges of seditious conspiracy. It's the most serious charge leveled by the Justice Department in its far-reaching prosecution of Capitol rioters.

A section of an expressway bridge under construction collapsed and injured one person in China on Saturday. Construction materials from the unfinished Zhongjiang Expressway are seen crashing down onto traffic below, with steel box girder crushing a truck in Guangdong province on September 24…

British authorities say TikTok could face a 27 million-pound ($29 million) fine over a possible breach of U.K. data protection law by failing to protect children’s privacy when they are using the video-sharing platform. The Information Commissioner’s Office said it has issued the social media company a legal document that precedes a potential fine. It said TikTok may have processed the data of children under 13 without appropriate parental consent, and processed “special category data” including ethnic and racial origin without legal grounds to do so. It also said TikTok may have failed to provide transparent, easily understood information to its users. The body said its findings are not final. TikTok said it will respond to the allegations soon.

The Carlyle Group, one of the world’s top private equity firms, which portrays itself as a climate leader, published a first of its kind emissions risk declaration this year. But something was missing - due to what it called a different business model, it did not include its largest oil and gas assets in the disclosure. Carlyle has a business relationship with NGP, a $10.4 billion fund of fossil fuel investments set to account for almost half of Carlyle profits this year. Critics say it has a responsibility to be transparent about its role in climate change.

The head of the European Central Bank says the economic outlook “is darkening” and she expects business activity to “slow substantially” in the coming months as high energy and food prices pushed up by the war in Ukraine sap consumer spending power. ECB President Christine Lagarde avoided predicting a recession in her remarks Monday to the European Parliament, saying the bank’s baseline scenario was subdued economic growth. But she appeared to hedge that by saying that some assumptions in that outlook — such as about the remaining supply of Russian natural gas — have been “overridden by events.” Lagarde said Russia’s invasion of Ukraine “continues to cast a shadow over Europe,” driving up the energy prices that are dampening consumer spending.

Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf is taking another shot at a lawsuit that argues Republican lawmakers improperly bundled together five proposed state constitutional amendments to get them approved by the state Legislature. Wolf’s new lawsuit filed late last week in Commonwealth Court is similar to the litigation he previously tried to get the state Supreme Court to take up directly. The Democratic governor is arguing that combining the five proposed amendments runs afoul of state constitutional rules that prevent bundling changes with multiple, unrelated topics. A House Republican spokesperson says passage of the bill “met every legislative and constitutional standard" and they believe the bill passes constitutional muster.

Two ships that have been abandoned in the Columbia river for years are being removed, and the U.S. Coast Guard is working with state agencies to clean up the fuel and oil that leaked from the vessels. The ships are a Navy tug called the Sakarissa and a Coast Guard cutter called the Alert. They have been abandoned near Hayden Island for more than a decade. Both of the ships sunk two years ago. The Coast Guard raised the Sakarissa from the river on Monday, and work to remove the 125-foot Alert was expected to begin Saturday. The removal and cleanup effort is expected to cost roughly $3 million.


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