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Honor roll

The Three Rivers Christian School first quarter honor roll of the 2018-2019 school year has been announced.

4.0 grade-point average

12th grade: Benjamin Brittell, Andrew Bunn, Greg Futcher, Bobbie Jo Gushman, Jaden Moore, Michael Moreno, Emma Ortiz and Kamryn Wright.

11th grade: Chih Hsiang Lin, Abbey McCracken, Ryan Ransom and Paul Shiloh.

10th grade: Isabella Brittell, Riki Cuevas, Kennedy Davis and Alex Moormeier.

Ninth grade: Isabella Allen, Annie Couch, Mabrie Richards and Cole Shipman.

Eighth grade: Jenna Dennis and Walker Poyner.

Seventh grade: Amelia Borek, Kailea Guinto and Kelsey Poyner.


12th grade: Emily Harvey, Grayson Dombrowsky and George Rieger.

11th grade: Vivie Davis, Nicole Kiffe, Jared Caddel, Wyatt Richards and Taya Hilsenhoff.

10th grade: Zach Parham, Jessie Tevis, Emma Reinke, Jordan Sahim, Gage Stout, Isabelle Jones, Sam Jessen and Kendal Newport.

Ninth grade: Kyler Davis,McKenna Leff, Pervie Reed, Rachel Pielaet, Christopher Hastings, Gavin Dombrowsky, Shante Hilsinger, Noah Kloppman and Braden Wallace.

Eighth grade: Abby Bennett, Keira Davis, Anna Tevis, Jailey Carroll, Emee (ME) Wakefield, Elisha Yanez and Amber Stephens.

Seventh grade: Lily Richards, Carson Shipman, Jake Beck, Josiah Beck, Xander Harmon, Ruby Hart, Ailie Jimenez, Alicen Partridge, Angela Pielaet, Sammy Bratton, Dossen Morrow, Jes Hilsinger, Hannah Fike, Jolie McGaughan and Ava Christopher.


12th grade: Hayden Christopher.

11th grade: Jordan Bergman and Nathan Jessen.

10th grade: Evan Karavolos, Dyllen Hoard and Zowie Carmody.

Ninth grade: Cole Stephens.

Eighth grade: Seth Treichel and Nick Vath.

Seventh grade: Reid Bobbitt.

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