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Editor's note: This honor roll ran on Page C4 of the Sunday, Nov. 24, Daily News.

The Three Rivers Christian School honor roll for the first quarter of the 2019-2020 school year has been announced.

4.0 grade-point average

12th grade: Chih Hsiang Lin and Ryan Ransom.

11th grade: Isabella Brittell, Riki Cuevas, Isabelle Jones and Zach Parham.

10th grade: Mason Chisholm and Mabrie Richards.

Ninth grade: Salma Bauder, Jenna Dennis, Walker Poyner and Gabriel Royce.

Eighth grade: Josiah Beck, Mia Byers, Kailea Guinto, Kelsey Poyner and Elijah Royce.

Seventh grade: Emma Bennett, Nicole Walker Calanday, Jana Knapp, Hannah Larsen and Sara Mittleider.


12th grade: Abbey McCracken, Paul Shiloh, Hannah Koski, Jared Caddel and Vivie Davis.

11th grade: Ashton Cox, Evan Karavolos, Emma Reinke, Sharifah Namukose, Gage Stout, Jessie Tevis, Sam Jessen and Kendal Newport.

10th grade: Cole Shipman, Annah Cox, Gavin Dombrowsky, Seren Ogura, Christopher Hastings, Pervie Reed, Noah Kloppman, Rachel Pielaet and Miho Kurihara.

Ninth grade: Abby Bennett, Alex Howerton, Keira Davis, Anna Tevis, Michael Fortin, Crystal Pan and ChanSol Park.

Eighth grade: Ruby Hart, Jake Beck, Amelia Borek, Dossen Morrow, Ailie Jimenez, Lily Richards, Carson Shipman, Angela Pielaet, Cory Cochran, Bodie Huhta, Reid Bobbitt and Christian Moormeier.

Seventh grade: Kristen Bunn, Keelie Barnett, Josiah Carroll, Felicity Royce, Josiah Montanez, Evie Uanez and Bitna Yi.


12th grade: Nathan Jessen, Wyatt Richards and Chuck Austin.

11th grade: Dyllen Hoard.

10th grade: Shante Hilsinger, Lauren Ives and Braden Wallace.

Ninth grade: Grace Martinez, Emilee Smith, Jailey Carroll and Elisha Yanez.

Eighth grade: Annella Morse, Ava Christopher and Jes Hilsinger.

Seventh grade: Emma Ebinger, Elisha Vydra, TJ Wakefield, Alex Myren and Elizabeth Helen Romanillos.

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