Crystal Rose Jerome and Kraig Albert Grose of Longview, a boy, Brendan Lee Albert Grose, July 24, 2012. Brendan is the grandson of Richard and Diane King of Kelso, Ken and Robin Carnes of Longview and Brian Grose of Chehalis.

Stacy Lynn and Kyle Justin Teigen of Longview, a girl, Kylee Ann Lynn Mermiss Teigen, Aug. 6, 2012. Kylee is the granddaughter of Steve and Kathleen Schwarzer of Vancouver, Linda Carbonneau of Tacoma, and Debi and Steve Richards of Longview.

Kassandra L. Harris and Jeremiah L. Helton of Clatskanie, a boy, Mylo Lee Helton, Aug. 15, 2012. Mylo is the grandson of Melba and Bob Harris of Castle Rock, Nancy Harris and Shawn Holt, both of Lexington, and Sandy and Ike Helton of Clatskanie.

Marjorie Alyn and Ole Allen Pedersen of Longview, a boy, Hunter George Pedersen, Aug. 15, 2012. Hunter is the grandson of Krista and Marvin Mackey, and Christyl and Ronald Pedersen, all of Longview.

Trudi Lynn Bemisdarfer and Daniel Lee Olson II of Kelso, a girl, Ocean Marie Olson, Aug. 22, 2012. Ocean is the granddaughter of Colleen Holten of Longview, Mark Bemisdarfer of Lake Havasu City, Ariz., and Karen and Daniel Olson of Centralia.

Amanda L. and Chris S. Wend of Longview, a boy, Henry Lee Wend, Aug. 24, 2012. Henry is the grandson of Linda Hughes of Portland, Cliff Hughes of Beaverton, Ore., and Patty and Greg Wend of Kelso.

Lindsey Ann and David Aaron Potter of Kelso, a boy, Joel David Potter, Sept. 1, 2012. Joel is the grandson of Duane and Jody Engler of Longview and John and Betty Potter of Puyallup.

Julie Anna Wallace and Daniel Eli Doumit of Longview, a boy, Connor Eli Doumit, Sept. 4, 2012. Connor is the grandson of Scott and Lori Wallace of Clatskanie and John and Pam Doumit of Cathlamet.

Tiffany Lynn and Caleb Matthew Traufler of Longview, a boy, Tekota Matthew-Kenneth Traufler, Aug. 28, 2012. Tekota is the grandson of Ken and Kim Courser of Kelso and Heather Kuljis and Jim Traufler, both of Longview.

Jessica Elaine and Billy E. Blevins Jr. of Castle Rock, a girl, Lexi Ann Blevins, Aug. 27, 2012. Lexi is the granddaughter of Doug and Brenda Hurley and Kathryn Blevins, all of Castle Rock, and the late Billy E. Blevins Sr.

Keeri Ann Henderson and Matthew Leon Ramshaw of Longview, a boy, Landon Christopher Ramshaw, Aug. 22, 2012. Landon is the grandson of Rhonda Mannen of Castle Rock and Kevin and Terra Beth Henderson and Scott and Teresa Ramshaw, all of Longview.

Crystal Ann and Eric Michael Smith of Kalama, a boy, Emmett Michael Smith, Aug. 21, 2012. Emmett is the grandson of Thomas and Karen Hennessy of Kalama; Ronald and Arlene Garner of Tracy, Calif.; and Jodi Smith, Mike Purdy and Jeff Harrison, all of Yakima.

Amanda Michelle Dibblee and Levi Lee Lindeman of Kelso, a boy, Zane Thomas Lindeman, Sept. 5, 2012. Zane is the grandson of Don and Kathy Dibblee of Castle Rock and Jeff and Vicki Lindeman of Kelso.

Ashleigh Ann and Lawrence James Kruckenberg of Castle Rock, a girl, Addison Rae Kruckenberg, Sept. 4, 2012. Addison is the granddaughter of Scott and Sherry Snyder of Gloucester, Va. and Jimmy and Carolyn Kruckenberg of Castle Rock.

Alisa Gabrielle Glesmann and Zane Edward Jacobs of Kelso, a boy, Zane James Jacobs, Sept. 4, 2012. Zane is the grandson of Rebecca Leon of Castle Rock; David Kallio of Clatskanie; Cheryl Trimble of Ridgefield, Wash.; and Keith Jacobs of Kelso.

Jessica Elizabeth Blair and Rian Thomas Smith of Longview, a girl, Elaina Renae Smith, Sept. 4, 2012. Elaina is the granddaughter of Ken and Teri Blair of Puyallup, Rebecca Messick of Longview, and Torey Martin of Bremerton.

Jessee Marie Guizzotti and Jacob Joaquin Mandes of Longview, a boy, Jessee James Mandes, July 27, 2012. Jacob is the grandson of Jodee Cottrell of Sequim, Wash.; John Guizzotti of Buffalo, N.Y.; Jill Pruitt of Oceano, Calif.; and Jim Mandes of Vernonia, Ore.

Madison Lynn Cook and C. Edgar Gavino of Longview, a boy, Jamison Hayes Gavino, Sept. 17, 2012. Jamison is the grandson of Teresa Harris, David Cook, and Cuauhtemoc and Maribel Gavino, all of Kelso.

Sarah Marie and Timothy Sean Bauman of Kelso, a girl, Stella Marie Bauman, Aug. 27, 2012. Stella is the granddaughter of Terry and Joyce Rismoen of Castle Rock, Ruth Bauman of Kalama, and the late Greg Bauman.

Summer Marie and Michael Louis O’Neill of Longview, a boy, Maxwell Hawk O’Neill, Aug. 21, 2012. Maxwell is the grandson of MaryJo Diedrick and Greg Fowler, both of Longview, Bruce Haebe and Cheryl Dunn, both of Kalama, Michael and Yvette Raynham of Longview, and John O’Neill of Lincoln City, Ore.

Angelina Marie and Brian Marshall McLean of Longview, a boy, Parker Marshall McLean, Sept. 20, 2012. Parker is the grandson of Thomas and Bernadette Deaver of Longview, Roger and Pamela Tomasli of Kelso, and Darrell McLean of Monroe, Wash.

Brittany Adine Erickson of Kalama, a girl, Lexie Lynn Erickson, Sept. 19, 2012. Lexie is the granddaughter of Mark and Lisa Erickson of Kalama and Kelly Bessey of Woodland.

Tiffany Nicole and Justin Ray Jacobson of Longview, a girl, Macey Nicole Jacobson, Sept. 18, 2012. Macey is the granddaughter of Barb Parsons and Howard and Larinda Jacobson, all of Longview.

Lacey May and Christopher Scott Carpenter of Kalama, a boy, Kasen Scott Carpenter, Sept. 14, 2012. Kasen is the grandson of Gary and Pamela Jackson of Helena, Mont., and Frank and Nancie Carpenter of Newport Beach, Calif.

Joanna Jean Olson and Tyler Joseph Johnson of Longview, a girl, Maggie Ann-Marie Johnson, Sept. 10, 2012. Maggie is the granddaughter of Vickie Huff of Longview, the late David Huff, Mary Clare Johnson of Kennewick, and Mike Smith of Redmond, Wash.


Collette and Douglas Kyro of Granite Bay, Calif.; twins boys, Ethan Douglas Kyro and Jackson Henry Kyro, Sept. 11, 2012. The boys are the grandsons of Tony and Deborah Lonso of Vacaville, Calif., and Richard and Bonnie Kyro of Longview.


Todd and Toni (Pascua) Egger of Washougal, Wash., a girl, Malina Lorraine Egger, Sept. 5, 2012. Malina is the granddaughter of Bill and Beth Leeper of Washougal, (formerly of Longview); Jim and Margie Egger of Kennewick, Ron Pascua of LaVern, Calif.; and Ann Pascua of Glendora, Calif.


Sarah and Levi Weatherl of Fayetteville, a girl, Zoey Mae Julia Wetherl, Aug. 6, 2012. Zoey is the granddaughter of Rodger and Peggy Righter and Ken and Sara Weatherl, all of Kelso.


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