TDN Easter Egg Hunt 2019 Winners

Kristina Russell, left, and her nephew, Ryan Wilson, found the 2019 TDN Easter Egg at Kress Lake. Here they pose outside The Daily News building on 11th Avenue shortly after claiming their prize Tuesday morning.

The search for the TDN Easter Egg is over. The egg, which was hidden at Kress Lake, was found Tuesday by treasure hunters Kristina Russell and her 18-year-old nephew Ryan Wilson and redeemed the same day for a $500 prize.

We hope you got outside and searched for the egg or at least followed the clues from your easy chair. Here are the clues and their corresponding explanations (in parentheses) from the 2019 TDN Easter Egg hunt. Thanks for being a part of yet another successful search!

1. It’s somewhere between Lewis and Clark.

(Cowlitz County lies between Lewis and Clark counties)

2. My name isn’t Humpty or Dumpty, but I’m kinda like him.

(I’m obviously an egg, since it’s Easter)

3. I’m a good egg, so I like to be where TDN is.

(The egg was hidden in our circulation area)

4. I definitely was first where I’m hidden.

(There are no chickens where the egg was hidden.)

5. The gold isn’t on the outside, but the inside.

(That’s where the “gold” or “loot” is … the gift card)

6. Everyone’s welcome!

(The egg was hidden in a public place)

7. Motor on south, to where the water is (fairly) clear.

(Kress Lake, where the egg was hidden, is in the south part of the county)

8. Car and boat motors zoom while Caterpillars loom.

(The freeway isn’t far away, and there is construction nearby)

9. If Delbert were here, he probably would have thrown me away.

(The late Delbert Wasson was the volunteer caretaker of the lake)

10. Sticks and stones may break bones, but stumps will always trip you.

(The egg was hidden in a stump)

11. If you hit concrete, you need to rethink your path.

(The egg was located off the dirt portion of the path, not the concrete portion)

12. The only place where ducks and beavers can be friends.

(You’ll find both there)

Below are the clues that were not published:

13. You’ll need to bend over to see me.

(Only a small part of the egg was showing in its stump home)

14. 46°02'53.2"N, 122°50'59.4"W

(These are the GPS coordinates)

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