1. That’s a “ho, ho, ho,” you hear, but I could be far or near.

2. They don’t have to use a sleigh, but readers here get it anyway.

3. Thankfully I have my fur to keep me warm.

4.  You don’t need to trespass to find me.

5. I’m about the size of a stick of butter. Yum, I like butter.

6. My cheeks aren’t the only thing that’s nice and rosy.

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7. Boy, it sure is damp here!

8. I’m not an ugly duckling, but they keep hiding me under things.

9. Over the river and through the woods.

10. If you taste salt, it must be your lunch.

11. Which river? You can ask my namesakes along the way.

12. Lions, tigers, bears: Pick one, and you’ve won.