Slowthai: I'll always speak the truth
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Slowthai is committed to speaking "the truth".

The 24-year-old rap star - whose real name is Tyron Frampton - thinks his new album, 'Nothing Great About Britain', will serve as a voice for "people from small communities".

He explained: "We're in a time where everything's become stagnant and no-one speaks for the people. I just got fed up and wanted to say the truth."

Slowthai touches on a range of issues on his album, including the monarchy, the police and the far-right.

And the rapper feels it's important to speak up on behalf of people whose voices are never heard.

He told the BBC: "This album is recorded for the people from small communities that have been forgotten about. It's for the people who feel they need it."

Asked what his new album is really about, Slowthai added: "It's about community. It's about remembering the people around you, and remembering that's what makes this place great.

"Things like gentrification, they're trying to push all the communities away and we're losing that sense of togetherness - which is the thing that actually makes Britain great. Or any place in the world great. We all have to work in unison to make things better."

What's more, Slowthai revealed his thoughts have already turned to his next album.

He said: "The whole time I was making 'Nothing Great About Britain', I'd already planned out my next few albums.

"You've got to be 10 steps ahead of everyone else or you get left behind."

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