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Letters: Long is focused

I just watched (Oct. 9) the League of Women Voters debate between Third Congressional District candidates Jaime Herrera Beutler and Carolyn… Read more

Letters: Born again

In Michael Rose's Aug. 30 letter to the editor, he went into a lengthy condemnation of President Trump's life before he became a born-again… Read more

Letters: On the origin

For anyone interested in reading about the origin of the coronavirus, I recommend watching a film online at the Epoch Times website: https/… Read more

Letters: Walsh finds solutions

As an administrator of the low-income senior housing apartment building, Campus Towers, and an advocate for affordable housing, I was able … Read more

Letters: Levy needs our help

While it’s not often that I write a memorandum in support of a tax levy, this is one of those times. Read more

Letters: Self-interested

The average American pays almost 15 times more in federal income tax than our billionaire president. In an entire year, he only paid $750. … Read more


Ghumman: America's real problem is 'ethical fading'

I am a Muslim immigrant to America. Growing up in Pakistan, I saw the United States as the moral and ethical high ground where human dignit… Read more


Navarrette: Latinos could decide the election, so listen to them

  Read more

Community Voices: Time to thank teachers and staff

Teachers across the nation are starting their school year in a way they never considered when entering the profession: virtual teaching. Read more

Community Voices: New volcano monitors increase safety

Forty years ago this past May, Mount St. Helens erupted, tragically claiming 57 lives and resulting in more than $1 billion in damages. As … Read more

Community Voices: A bold, bipartisan plan to save salmon from sea lions

For decades, local authorities have sounded the alarm on struggling salmon and steelhead populations in the Northwest. While some tend to f… Read more


Dionne: A realist's case against despair

WASHINGTON — What in the world happened to hope? Read more


Ignatius: Why is Trump enabling Turkey?

WASHINGTON — How strange that the Trump administration, which has been so adamant in opposing Iran, is facilitating the rise of another exp… Read more

Wildfires: Burning more and longer


Families face new academic challenges, as students learn in isolation

Marissa Heffernan marissa.heffernan@tdn.com

This weekend, Brookelyn Alblinger should have been attending the Castle Rock homecoming game and dr… Read more