Lisa Scrimshire stands inside the jiu-jitsu portion of the recently expanded Longview business she co-owns.

Yoga just isn’t as peaceful when you’re packed into a studio like sardines and can hear the rumbling of men locked in a jiu-jitsu skirmish just a few feet away.

Thankfully, that’s no longer the case at Tula Yoga and Jiu-Jitsu on 14th Avenue in Longview.

Things got a little more zen at Tula over the summer, when its owners more than doubled its size from 1,700 square feet to 4,200 and moved the yoga studio into an adjoining 2,000-square-foot space.

Yoga instructors Lisa Scrimshire and Michelle Slape have been enjoying the extra space after spending two years dividing what is now just the jiu-jitsu studio. Slape’s husband, Robert Slape, teaches the Brazilian martial art jiu-jitsu at night in the adjoining 1,700-square-foot studio.

“It was always a dream to move to the next space,” said Scrimshire, a former group fitness instructor who learned kickboxing from Slape. “We’re like the little engine that could. The ability to have more floor space with jiu jitsu is good. It’s more space to roll.”

Not to mention more space for her yoga students to practice and meditate. Each of the 21 weekly yoga classes averages six to 14 students.

“We were really compacted,” Slape said of the previous space.

“It’s hard to whisper,” added Scrimshire, who joked that it wasn’t the best start to the morning to be close enough to smell the coffee on your yoga instructor’s breath.

They attempted to soundproof the drywall wall dividing the yoga and jiu-jitsu portions of the studio, but it never achieved the peace they were looking for.

It took six weeks for Slape and Scrimshire to renovate their space. With their husbands, they completed the drywall, electrical and painting work. Though the move doubled their rent, Slape and Scrimshire said it has been worth it just to have the wiggle room for themselves and their students and to have a studio that feels more peaceful.

With the new studio, they added a barre class, which uses a ballet barre to strengthen a person’s core, hips, legs and arms.

Scrimshire said the studio’s steady growth over the past two years meant it was time for the extra space.

“I just feel blessed. We put every dollar back into the business,” Slape said.

Tula Yoga and Jiu-Jitsu can be found at 1051-1057 14th Ave. in Longview. Yoga classes are held several times a day; jiu-jitsu is primarily weekday nights. Contact Tula at www.tulalongview.com and 360-442-9943.

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