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PAID ADVERTISEMENT Demand Soars for New Doctor-Approved Sleeping Pill Formula Delivers Deep Sleep in just 15 minutes with No next-morning Grogginess or Fatigue I f you struggle to fall asleep and stay asleep, your prayers have been answered. Thanks to the discovery of a breakthrough, all-natural compound, it is finally possible to induce a deep, restorative sleep in a relatively short amount of time. News of this discovery is sweeping the nation as long-time sleep sufferers report finally getting the 8 hours of uninterrupted, deep sleep their bodies need to stay healthy, youthful, and energetic at any age. Researchers stunned at how quickly this new, all-natural compound helps patients fall asleep and stay asleep, with no drowsiness or morning fatigue pioneer in anti-aging medicine. He’s published over 500 scientific papers Countless scientific and is a frequent guest studies have shown the on ABC News, CNN, crucial role sleep plays in Discovery, National Geographic, and many other our life. media outlets. Research suggests it Working with his team can help improve heart health, reduce joint pain, at the Sears Institute for boost cognitive func- Anti-Aging, Dr. Sears has Supersonic tion, decrease anxiety formulated and mood swings, and CBD into a new, fast-actstrengthen overall health. ing, feel-young formula called Canna LS. Yet, despite this, milThe results have been lions of Americans are so incredible that Dr. plagued by sleepless nights. And, are often Sears is having a hard forced to choose between time keeping up with the addictive sleeping pills rising demand. “We’ve that leave them groggy sold out multiple times and fatigued the next in the past and expect to morning or lying awake sell out again soon.” every night for hours on 94% OF CBD GOES end. TO WASTE DEEPER SLEEP IN MERE MINUTES Fortunately, this stunning new discovery ends this problem once and for all. It promises to deliver deep, all-natural sleep every night, without any side-effects or risk of addiction. Most exciting of all, studies confirm this compound becomes active in the system within 15 minutes of ingestion. A study performed by the University of Colorado showed this compound helped calm a racing mind, allowing those who have difficulties falling asleep to doze off in a relaxed, comfortable, and worry-free manner — often waking in the same position they fell asleep in. However, in addition to improving sleep quality, this compound offers a slew of other health benefits, including: soothing stress, improving blood pressure, preventing cognitive decline, and even helping ease joint pain. upon waking. In another clinical trial, this all-natural compound was given to adults who reported suffering from both anxiety and poor sleep. After the first month, overall anxiety decreased in 79% of the adults while 66% dramatically improved sleep. And in one of the largest studies of its kind, 2,736 men and women over the age of 65 were gathered. They all experienced joint pain that worsened their quality of life and prevented them from doing the activities they used to enjoy. After being given this natural compound, 93.7% of the participants reported their pain was The reason most CBD cut in half, after only six oils fail to deliver results months of treatment. is because of the liver’s Lastly, in another clinfiltering system. “Think of it as a mesh strain- ical trial, 85% of seniors er,” explains Dr. Sears. given this powerful agent “It catches almost every- were able to soothe their thing, and only a handful pain significantly, in only of the tiny particles are 21 days. And a third of them were able to soothe able to pass through.” their joint pain completeIn other words, almost ly. all CBD products prom“Before I started Canna ising better sleep, mood, blood pressure, cognitive LS, pain from my hip refunction and even pain placement surgery made relief, all get filtered by it hard to walk for more your liver before they can than a few minutes. Now, even attempt to fix the I can get out of the house and spend time with problem. friends. I played 9 holes The World Health Orof golf, which I had given ganization recently reup after the surgery.” — ported only 6% of CBD Jonathan Wilson, age 73. ingested makes it to the 49-year-old Katherine bloodstream, while the other 94% goes to waste. H. reports, “I can whizz This explains why so few through my four-bedpeople get any results room bungalow with the from CBD oils and other vacuum cleaner. I have so much more energy.” alternatives. “It has helped my lower back pain and overall I am just better!” says Kenneth O., a man from Troutdale, Oregon who’s tried various CBD oils without success, prior to “If it’s not Supersonic Canna LS. SUPERSONIC CBD CBD,” says Dr. Sears, “it HOW TO GET It’s called Supersonic can’t bypass your liver, CANNA LS it won’t help, and frankCBD and it works in a rely, it’s only wasting your markable new way. This is the official money.” nation-wide release of By shrinking the CBD Canna LS solves this Canna LS in the United particles and making for anyone States. As a result, the them 10,000 times small- problem wanting to get better company is offering a er than normal, this new special discount to anysleep, while also feeling form of CBD oil can do one who calls within the what no other oil can younger. next 48 hours. — bypass the liver’s rigThanks to the unique orous filter up to 450% Supersonic CBD inside An Order Hotline more effectively, which Canna LS, there is fi- has been set up for loleads to greater benefits. nally an all-natural way cal readers to call. This This explains why, un- for anyone to get a bet- gives everyone an equal like ordinary CBD, Super- ter night’s rest, improve chance to try this powsonic CBD is able to help blood pressure, cognitive erful pain-reliever for deliver uninterrupted, function and even soothe themselves. deeper sleep, along with stiff, sore joints. Starting at 7:00 AM a smorgasbord of other the discount “Many of my patients today, health benefits. report feeling more en- will be available for 48 Furthermore, unlike ergized after only a few hours. All readers have prescription drugs, this weeks of using Canna to do is call TOLL FREE 1-866-558-6570 right now. new compound is often LS,” says Dr. Sears. Then, provide the operwell-tolerated, non-habit IMPRESSIVE forming, and doesn’t even CLINICAL RESULTS ator with this exclusive discount approval code: require a prescription. The Supersonic CBD in NP0221CAN241. The “In my 20-year ca- Canna LS has shown recompany will do the rest. reer,” says Dr. Al Sears, markable clinical results. Important: Due to the “I’ve never seen anything In one placebo-conrecent media exposure quite like it. Supersonic CBD truly is remarkable.” trolled study, the core of Canna LS, phone lines compound in Canna LS are often busy. If your WHY SO MUCH helped increase sleep call doesn’t go through, EXCITEMENT duration, allowing par- please try again because Dr. Al Sears, M.D., is ticipants to feel more re- this product is worth considered the leading juvenated and energized having. However, since Supersonic CBD is broken down into such small particles, it’s able to bypass the liver’s filter more effectively. THESE STATEMENTS HAVE NOT BEEN EVALUATED BY THE FOOD AND DRUG ADMINISTRATION. THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED TO DIAGNOSE, TREAT, CURE OR PREVENT ANY DISEASE. RESULTS MAY VARY. THE VIEWS AND OPINIONS EXPRESSED IN THIS ADVERTISEMENT ARE THOSE OF THE ADVERTISER AND DO NOT REFLECT THE OPINIONS, POLICY OR POSITION OF THIS NEWSPAPER OR ITS PARENT COMPANIES OR AFFILIATES THIS PRODUCT IS NOT INTENDED FOR USE BY INDIVIDUALS UNDER THE AGE OF 18.

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