Details for FURNITURE WORLD - Ad from 2021-04-02

AND MORE INCREDIBLE BARGAINS! FAMOUS BRANDS! 24th ANNIVERSARY SALE! Hurry in wHile supplies last! 101 Days saMe as CasH nO MOney DOwn, nO CreDit neeDeD tV stanDs & entertainMent Centers all On sale! QuEEN QuEEN SlEIgH BED Ottoman sold separate. SlEIgH BED 199 268 $ $ Ultra Plush Deep Seat 3 Pc. Sectional Ottoman sold separate. 1599 $ 2 Pc. Sectional 788 $ Starting at 4 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set Include queen frame, dresser, mirror and 1 nightstand 588 $ 4 Pc. Queen Bedroom Set Include queen frame, dresser, mirror and 1 nightstand 788 $ 239 Power Rocker Recliner $ 399 $ 299 Power Headrest and Recline with Storage Arms and Cup Holders • USB $ Special Purchase 869 TWIN MATTRESS Includes: Table, 4 Chairs and Bench 399 $ 6 Pc. Dining Set Includes: Table, 4 Chairs and Bench Available in 3 finishes $ 699 6 Pc. Dining Set Includes: Gathering Height Table, 4 Stools and Bench $ $ Reclining Sofa and Loveseat Set $ 1199 OR 101 DAYS SAME AS CASH NO MONEY DOWN, NO CREDIT NEEDED 699 Starting at 6 Pc. Dining Set $ 12 MONTHS NO INTEREST/NO MONEY DOWN** recliner Rocker Recliner 1288 3 Pc. Sectional with Chaise Lounge While they last! Sofa and Loveseat Set Wall Hugging Recliner $ 739 $ Sofa and Loveseat Set 1099 10 99 $ YR WARRANTY 188 Save Big! QUEEN PLUSH TOP MATTRESS $ KING SIZE MATTRESSES 399 $ King Mattress ONE OF A KIND MEMORy FOAM Queen Mattress CLOSEOUT $ MATTRESSES 349 Due to COVID-19, delays up to 12 weeks are possible. Please check local store for availability Visit us online at orat atany anyof ofthese these sevenlocations locations Visit us us online online at Now 11 Western Washington Locations! Visit www.FurnitureWorld or seven Fabricand andstyles stylesmay may varyfrom fromillustration. illustration.**NO **NOINTEREST INTEREST24 24months, months,NO NOMONEY MONEYDOWN DOWNO.A.C. O.A.C.with with$2500 $2500min. min. furniture order. Purchase under min. eligible for furniture Purchase under min. eligible 18 FabricFabric and styles may vary fromvary illustration. **NO INTEREST 12 months, NO MONEY DOWNterms. O.A.C. with NO min. furniture order. *Discounts do not apply toorder. any previous purchases. Prices are good for for new months NOINTEREST INTEREST O.A.C.No No interest paid fullwithin within contract 66 months NO O.A.C. interest ififpaid ininfull contract terms. purchases only. Nodo price match onto any previous purchases. See store for details *Discounts donot not apply toany any previous purchases. Prices aregood goodfor fornew newpurchases purchasesonly. only.No Noprice pricematch matchononany any previous purchases. See store details *Discounts apply previous purchases. Prices are previous purchases. See store forfor details 563 NN Market Market BLvd. BLvd.• • Chehalis 563 360-748-0100 360-748-0100 Monday -- Saturday Saturday9-7; 9-7;Sunday Sunday11-6 11-6 Monday 7017 849Commerce CommerceAve. Ave.• • Longview 77017 017NE NESt. St.St. St.J JohnsRd. Rd.• V• Vancouver 849 360-501-4200 360-694-4006 360-501-4200 360-694-4006 Monday- -Saturday Saturday10-6; 10-6;Sunday Sunday11-5 11-5 Monday Monday- Saturday - Saturday9-7; 9-7;Sunday Sunday11-6 11-6 Monday 11031 State Hwy 99 Broadway 987 Field Rd. 987 217 101 Heron St.Mall Blvd. 2601 6th Street 11031 State Avenue Avenue 987 Ault Field Rd.Broadway 11031 State AvenueAvenue 1010 2nd St. 2601 19215 Hwy19215 99 217 S. Broadway Ault Field217 Rd. S.S.Broadway 2601Ault 6th St. 101Ault Heron St.South 600 Cascade 6th Street 11031 State Field Rd. 19215 Hwy99 99217 S.987 217 Broadway 19215 Hwy Bremeton *360-373-0500 Marysville 360-653-5312 Oak Harbor •360-682-2431 360-682-2431 Marysville • 360-653-5312 Snohomish • 360-863-6730 LynnwoodLynnwood • 425-744-6694 Aberdeen •••360-532-0505 Oak•Harbor •Aberdeen 360-682-2431 Bremerton • 360-373-0500 Aberdeen • •360-533-8112 • 360-755-6762 Bremeton * Burlington Marysville •• 360-653-5312 Oak Harbor Lynnwood 425-744-6694 360-532-0505 Lynnwood 425-744-6694 Aberdeen ••360-532-0505 Marysville • 360-653-5312 • 425-744-6694 Aberdeen 360-532-0505 Oak Harbor • 360-682-2431 Aberdeen • 360-532-0505 Aberdeen •360-373-0500 360-533-8112

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