Details for COMMUNITY HOME HEALTH & HOSPICE - Ad from 2020-05-17

Thank you for keeping our Community strong Alex Carmichael, CNA and MacKenzie Berg, RN Darla Bernard, Lynn Nawrocki, MSW, and Lindsay Rider, RN Keiko Pederson, CNA A tribute to the heroes at Community Home Health & Hospice who are stepping forward to provide frontline support during the COVID-19 pandemic. Frontline workers at Community Home Health & Hospice have stepped up to ensure the patients and families they serve continue receiving high-quality care and peace of mind. Right now, it’s more important than ever to stay home and stay safe. That has been made possible through the professionalism, know-how and compassion of this staff. Incredible community support has helped them all along the way. To everyone who has made a donation, sewn a mask, made a delivery, sent a message, offered a service, provided a meal, or said a prayer to support these brave people, we thank you. See our website for our list of donors and supporters. Thank you to these heroes Sandra Acker, RN Sandra Ackerman, CNA Julie Akin, PT Matt Bahr, DME Bobbi Bailey, CNA Jaclyn Baker, CNA Allison Barns, CNA Marion Barrett, RN Amelia Bart, CNA Regina Bartlett, CNA Carey Benjamin, LPN Wendy Beres, CNA Mackenzie Berg, RN Darla Bernard Jenifer Bernardi, RN Heidi Bishop, RN Janice Blakemore, RN Tracey Bluhm, PTA Robert Boney, PT Lisa Branham, RN Craig Brant, PT Angela Brenner, RN Deb Broers, PT Mary Buckland, NP Tara Buckley, RN Bunny Bunday, CNA Dana Burnett, CNA Corey Burns, RN Sarah Busse, PT Lynda Cantwell, CNA Hollee Carl, CNA Alex Carmichael, CNA Leah Cash, CNA Emilia Casillas, CNA Ericka Chavez, CNA Karen Chenier, CNA Stephanie Chidester, CNA Alexandra Chronis, CNA Kathryn Collins, CNA Glenda Czarnecki, RN Charlotte Davenport, CNA Tammy Davies, CNA Amanda Deangelo, OT Robyn Demaray, PT Michele Denny, PT Troy Dinh, RN Pamela Doehne, CNA Dr. Neal Douglas Jacki Doyle, RN Jeff Dumke, MSW Charity Dupras, CNA Megan Dyer, CNA Dormalee Earl, MSW Ailon Eastman, RN Sara Eastman, CNA Tamara Ellis, RN Linda Erickson, MSW Aaron Estey, CNA Randi Ewing, NP Beth Fabel, OT Spring Farmer, RN Kassidy Flaherty, CNA Mary Fleming, MSW Fred Fox, ST Jeanne Franklin, RN Selina Freund, RN Diana Gantt, PT Tony Garcia, RN Teri Goodwin, RN Leilani Grasser, MSW Ann Greer, RN Amanda Grice, CNA Hugh Haagen, MSW Mariah Hamilton, CNA Laura Harris, PT Charlean Hayes Hughes, CHAP Katelyn Henry, CNA Evelyn Heroux, RN Kelly Higdon, CNA Jane Hobbs, RN Christine Holland, NAR Mia Holt, RN Anne Hosinski, PT Sandra Hougen, CNA Lisa Hoven, CNA Kendle Howard, CNA Anita Huhta, RN Kelley Hulke-Borger, RN Ashley Hulse, CNA Elyse Hunt, RN Drew Ingalls, RN Danielle Jacob, RN Suzie Janke, CNA Coleen Jankowski, RN Maria Joell, RN Amber Johnson, CNA Cameron Jones, RN Denise Jones, RN Myke Jones Rebecca Kantner, RN Denny Kartchner, MSW Tessa Kearns, RN Lydia Keen, OT Heather Kercheck, OT Danny Kilgore, LPN Ty Kimball, PT Mike King Tamaira Kingsbury, CNA Jean Klear, CNA Melanie Klimas, RN Amy Knowles, RN Peggy Knowles, NP Melody Kroll, RN Ngoc Lam, RN Destiny Larkin, CNA Sue Lawton, PT Yolanda Lee, RN Rose Lelevich, RN Jenelle Lemonds, PT Ruth Linari, RN Joann Long, NAR Angelica Lovgren, CNA Donna Luebbert, CNA Allison Lunday, PT Aurora Lyman, RN Brandy Magnoni, CNA Lisa Mahitka, LPN Jacquelyn Matthews, ST Brandon Mccartney, CNA Sandra Mcelroy, CNA Joshua Meacham, CNA Monica Meade, RN Alysa Meyer, CNA Leanne Miller, CNA Janet Minton, RN Helen Monette, RN Kalvin Morauske, PT Vivian Morrell, LPN Stacey Morris, RN Torrie Morrison, RN Jennifer Murphy, PT Lynn Nawrocki, MSW Becky Nesbit, RN Kayla Nulph, CNA Katie Obryan, RN Julia Oneill, RN Erin Orren, MSW Karla Palacios, CNA Nyla Patterson, OT Keiko Pedersen, CNA Amber Perez, CNA Leslie Phernetton, PTA Marion Pielaet, CNA Tana Puckett, CNA Sandra Quintero, RN Amber Ramey, CNA Stephanie Rarig, RN Lindsay Rider, RN April Riepe, CNA Dr. Joe Rinella Brandy Rivenburgh, RN Jennifer Rose, MSW Betsy Roslyn, RN Amanda Salavea, CNA Nancy Schmidt, RN Cindy Seals-Shonk, RN Scott Selfridge, MSW Celesta Shaffer, RN Elizabeth Shaver, CNA Jennifer Siharath, RN Tawnya Sorenson, RN Gina Stevens, CNA Angela Stewart, RN Caryl Taylor, RN Joy Thomas, RN Dave Thomas Mary Tilden, CNA Chris Todd Rae Trim, CHAP Jacque Tully, PTA Jacob Ubl, RN Robin Vanvranken, CNA Kelsey Walter, LPN Rhonda Walters, CNA Jenny Ward, CNA Liz Waters, RN Richard Westom, RN Charlotte White, NP Joel Whiteside, CHAP Brian Wiele, CHAP Candace Wilson, RN Josh Wilson, DME Donna Wirkkala, CNA Brittanni Wood Sarah Wrench, OT Chanel Young, CNA Sveta Zakharov, RN Pamela Zebley, CNA Chelsea Zuniga, CNA

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