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STOP OPIOID ABUSE Your choices matter act of courage √ If you are prescribed an opioid, talk with your doctor about other options. √ Never share an opioid prescription with someone else. √ Treatment works. If you think you need help, call Washington Recovery Help Line at 1 (866) 789-1511. Opioids are now one of the leading causes of injury-related deaths in Washington State. More people die from overdose than from car crashes.1 Opioids negatively affect the reward center in the brain. Over time, a user needs more and more. This makes them highly addictive.2 You can make a difference. Help a friend. Share the facts. 1 2 √ Dispose of unused medications safely at a take-back program near you. Find one at Learn more at Source: Washington State Department of Health Source: National Institute on Drug Abuse for Teens ONLINE SURVEY ENGLISH 2021 COMMUNITY SURVEY The EPIC Coalition would like your opinion regarding underage drug and alcohol use. Your feedback will help us improve our prevention planning and strategies for YOUTH and FAMILIES in our community. The survey is completely anonymous. Please remember to click the ‘DONE’ button on the last page to complete the survey. THANK YOU! ONLINE SURVEY SPANISH

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