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ADVERTORIAL: dr. john’s corner Germ pools As our kids return to school, we will be seeing more and more emphasis on getting vaccinated for every little bug out there. Do we cave in to the vaccines or do we prepare our kids and ourselves for the assault. Pathogens need fertile soil to grow. The more malnourished you and your kids are, the greater the environment within which all these bugs can thrive. The increase in vaccines being created, suggests the degree of residual health our society is in. With the uncertainty of vaccine safety, and that none are evaluated for carcinogenic influence is enough to scare anyone who seriously investigates them. The fact manufactures are held non-liable in the case of injury or death from them is enough for me to just say no to any and all of them. When states mandate them, it’s a violation of our freedom to choose. How many elected officials receive contributions from the pharmaceutical industry, obligating them to push these vaccines into law? Whether there be legitimate evidence of these vaccines injuring people or not, mandating their use is an imposition on our freedoms. The first defense in boosting your immune system is to maintain a healthy pH. The bulk of diseases thrive in an alkaline environment. Many foods considered to be acidic actually create an alkaline residue in the body. Trying to over alkalinize the body can throw the entire system out of balance. Foods are critical in setting the stage for health. Sugar throws the pH into an elevated state within which staph and strep multiply and thrive. Pneumococcus thrives in a pH of 7.6-7.8. Which makes more sense, getting a pneumonia shot, ignoring your pH, or keeping your pH more in the acidic range? Eating a diet which fosters an alkaline system only increases the incidence of these diseases. Dr. John A. Briggs Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in complete family health care 20 nE LILLIch - cLATskAnIE, OR 97016 (503)728-4732

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