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ADVERTORIAL: dr. john’s corner The healing power of Thanksgiving For the majority of us, to sit down and write out a list of all we have to be thankful of would take days, weeks, months, or even years. About the time you think you’ve exhausted the list, more come flooding in. Unfortunately what seems to be on our mind the most are the challenges we face on a daily basis. With Thanksgiving upon us, it’s a time to reflect on our blessings and give thanks. Once a year is 364 days too few to do this. I’ve found that a joyful attitude affects both our mental and physical health in dynamic ways. I recall as a child kneeling by my bed saying my prayers. That was a time to give thanks for all the blessings of the day. Unfortunately this practice is often abandoned as we get older. We need to rekindle these forgotten practices. They’re part of what keeps us young at heart. The challenges of this world can harden us and carry a negative impact on our health. I truly believe rapid aging is largely a result of a hardened heart, looking at life in the negative. We all experience challenges in life. How we overcome them is determined by our response. When we look at what we have as nothing, we become disempowered. I’m reminded of the amazing power of thanksgiving when I read of when Jesus fed the five thousand men and their families on a two piece fish dinner. When he challenged his disciples on how to feed the multitude, Phillip said that two hundred penny worth of bread wouldn’t even give a little to each of them. Andrew said there was a lad with five barley loaves and two small fish, but what is that amongst so many? Jesus took the fish and loaves and when he gave thanks he broke it and distributed it to the multitude and all ate and there were twelve baskets of left overs. It was the power of thanks that multiplied the food. When we’re faced with what looks like insufficiency, consider giving thanks for what you do have, and watch to see what happens next. You might be surprised. Dr. John A. Briggs Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in complete family health care 20 nE LILLIch - cLATskAnIE, OR 97016 (503)728-4732

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