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ADVERTORIAL: dr. john’s corner Curcumin Kills Cancer Putting Covid aside, what I see as one of the greatest fears is that of cancer. None of us are immune to the devastation of cancer. I recently lost one of my best friends from colorectal cancer. In my continued research to improve health and longevity, I’ve been investigating biochemical responses to curcumin. One of the most amazing, wonderful nutrients, affecting the entire body. Cancer patients often end up with reoccurrence or metastasis. This is due to cancer stem cells, remaining behind and eventually metastasizing, either in previously affected tissues or systemically. Curcumin starves cancer cells, as it sharply restricts their ability to extract energy from blood glucose. It’s well known that cancer cells increase blood flow to the tumor, providing more glucose to live. This is why on thermography, these tumors reveal greater heat due to increased vascularization. Stem cells are those which provide the foundation for replication of tissue in the body. Research has been ongoing, finding what can stop the proliferation of cancer stem cells. Curcumin has shown cytotoxic effects on cancer stem cells by suppressing the release of cytokines which actually stimulate cancer stem cells and cancer receptors. Because curcumin is poorly absorbed, the use of products proven to improve delivery is important. Some incorporate black pepper to enhance absorption. Dr Kerry Bone created a blending of curcumin and fenugreek, resulting in curcuminoid galactomannosides which have been shown to produce the most impressive systemic levels ever. This is a wise choice for supplementation for anyone, especially for us over 40. Could this help avoid any deadly effects from viral infections? I don’t think it could hurt! Dr. John A. Briggs Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in complete family health care 20 nE LILLIch - cLATskAnIE, OR 97016 (503)728-4732

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