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ADVERTORIAL: dr. john’s corner Get your nutrition from food How often do you fill the gas tank in your car? Obviously, the more you drive it, the more often you’ll have to fill the tank. If your car requires high octane fuel to run correctly, giving it the cheap stuff most of the time and good stuff only occasionally won’t give you the performance you desire. Taking high potency synthetic vitamins hoping to make up for poor food choices won’t work. Eating processed, devitalized foods, hoping you can experience great energy is preposterous. Yes, we need to supplement since most foods commercially grown contain less nutrition than what was available years ago. Topsoil throughout much of the world isn’t what it used to be. Soil organisms responsible for building healthy soil are lacking due to agricultural chemicals. Toxic chemicals can be found even in soils used to raise organic crops due to their presence in our atmosphere. The most nutritious foods you can consume are those you grow yourself in soil you’ve protected and built up with proper organic matter. Unfortunately, most of us don’t live in a climate we can grow our food year round. This being the case, we must rely to some degree on purchased foods, trusting the growers, harvesters, transporters, and stores to protect the quality of our foods. Many nutrients in food diminish over time from when they’re picked. Fresh lettuce out of my garden tastes dramatically better than that from the grocery store, even when organically grown. The reason I’m such a proponent of whole food nutrition is because I’ve seen it work time and time again for my own health and the health of my patients. Whole food supplementation from Standard Process is what I consider state of the art. High potency supplements found elsewhere just don’t work. Dr. John A. Briggs Doctor of Naturopathic Medicine specializing in complete family health care 20 nE LILLIch - cLATskAnIE, OR 97016 (503)728-4732

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